Together: Multiplying Networks Workshop


For us to see a movement that will accomplish the mission of Jesus we must do what Jesus asked us to do: we are to Go…and Love…but TOGETHER!

Session: Collaborative Networks
Collaborative networks are comprised of independent churches that have adopted a common mission and are willing to collaborate on various levels to achieve the goal. See how alignment of these autonomous but interdependent churches can achieve more together.
Speakers: Bill Couchenour, Dan Grider, Øivind Augland, and Patrick O’Connell

Session: Family of Churches Networks
Some churches elect to form a family with other churches. Generally, these churches are highly driven by relationships and shared values. See how the values and mission orientation lead to church planting in Family Networks.
Speakers: Peyton Jones, Drew Hyun, and Michael Fletcher

Session: Leading Spirit-Filled and Multi-Ethnic Urban Networks
Tim Wynn is the Executive Director of New City Network and the founder of Plant 4 Harvest. In this session, Tim will talk about the essentials of leading a spirit-filled urban network focused on raising up church planters from within their indigenous contexts. This session will give you a greater imagination for how to lead urban churches towards becoming a multi-ethnic church-based network.
Speaker: Timothy Wynn

Session: Regional Network Panel
Regional Networks see the intersection of mission and relationships as critical to reach a region for Christ. These networks “own” the responsibility for their geography. See how churches collaborating to plant churches can have a huge impact on their region.
Speakers: Bill Couchenour, Donnie Williams, Josh Husmann, and Steve Tiebout

Session: Specialty and Rural Network Panel
Specialty networks are missionally driven and organized to reach an underserved segment of society that’s often missed by more traditional networks. Explore how each network develops its own set of training and distinctives based on the population they reach.
Speakers: Peyton Jones, Steve McVey, Brent Storms, and Keith Wieser

Session: Ready for the Rise of Latino and Asian Leadership
Today in the U.S., people with Latino heritage are the largest minority population while Asians are the fastest-growing ethnic population segment. Churches and networks can’t afford to think about leadership and missional strategies without fully embracing these demographic realities. Elizabeth and Daniel will help you intelligently think through how to make the proper leadership adjustments in churches and networks to thrive in this reality.
Speakers: Elizabeth Rios and Daniel Yang

Session: Church-Based Networks
Church-based networks are built out of the strong church planting efforts of a rapidly reproducing church led by a visionary apostolic leader. See how alignment through focusing on a handful of mission-driven and theological values, leaving the church plant more room for contextualization, can lead to rapid reproduction.
Speakers: Bill Couchenour, Jim Putman, Mike McDaniel, and Kevin Ross

Session: The Cooperative Network Panel
Cooperative networks exist to bring together churches and leaders to plant more churches. See how some networks increase success rates and reduce wasted resources by centralizing the recruiting, training, funding and planting of churches.
Speakers: Peyton Jones, Randy Weener, Greg Surratt, and Noel Jesse Heikkinen

Session: Ten Characteristics of Future Planters
Jeff Christopherson, chief missiologist and co-executive director of the Send Institute, will talk about how current efforts in church planting aren’t keeping up with U.S. population growth. Church planting networks are having to change their church planter profile to include characteristics that were either overemphasized or ignored in the past. Jeff will layout the qualities of future planters that need to be developed and championed in our systems and processes in order to see multiplication happen.
Speaker: Jeff Christopherson

Session: Cooperative Network Panel
Cooperative networks — often denominations — exist to bring together churches and leaders to plant more churches. Centralizing the recruiting, training, funding and planting of churches can lead to increase success rates and leave less resources to waste. See how God is moving in new ways through these denominations and networks.
Speakers: Bill Couchenour, Ed Love, Ivan Marti, and Mark Bane

Session: Support Networks
Support networks play a vital role in kingdom multiplication by providing training and resources to church planters that fit a set of requirements and values. See how these objective-oriented networks impact church planting across broad geographical areas.
Speakers: Peyton Jones, Toney Salva, Rob Wilton, and Tom Planck

Session: The Importance of Scaling Your Network for the Next Ten Years
We are forty years removed from when churches like Saddleback and other launch large models were pioneered. But we are only ten years away from Millennials and Gen-Z fully leading denominations and church planting networks — if they are willing to do so. Daniel will share from his extensive research and observation on our modern church planting organizations and talk about the necessary adjustments that need to happen in order for church planting networks to survive and thrive over the next ten years.
Speaker: Daniel Yang

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