Together Episode 1: Kadi Cole talks about empowering female leaders

Dave Ferguson

Kadi Cole: Together Podcast

Interview with Kadi Cole

As we explore our 2020 theme, Together: Pursuing the Great Collaboration, we are examining Jesus’ prayer in John 17 “…that they may be one as we are one – I in them and you in me – so that they may be brought to complete unity.” One step in fulfilling this Great Collaboration prayer is when men and women work together effectively for kingdom impact.

In this podcast, Exponential President Dave Ferguson and 2020 conference speaker Kadi Cole discuss what it practically looks like to develop and empower female leaders regardless of theological beliefs. Kadi explains that a lack of clarity and communication in what a church believes often inhibits women from stepping into roles their churches want them to fill. As Kadi points out, getting this right by articulating how everyone can live out their God-given calling will segue into greater credibility with the diverse leaders in our communities and ultimately brings the gospel to greater reaches.

In 2016, Kadi transitioned from full-time church leadership to working directly with leaders in business and ministry through Kadi Cole & Company as well as key roles with Leadership Network, Replenish Ministries, and Multisite Solutions. Kadi’s newest passion project is to help church leaders who want to do a better job developing the female leadership talent in their congregations.

In Kadi’s words, “unity is the thing that will stand out in the world and make it take notice.”

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Key Highlights:

  • Best practices for developing female leaders
  • How to clearly articulate and define our theology
  • Paying attention to the frequency and channels of communication
  • How to steward weekend services
  • Bringing clarity to the role of a pastor’s spouse

Today and in the coming weeks, we hope you join us for this critical conversation as we unpack each of these shifts.

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