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Together: Pursuing the Great Collaboration

What is missing from many of our efforts and strategies? Doing it Together! We are all very familiar with the Great Commission and the challenge to “Go.” There has been much taught on the Great Commandment and the need to go with “Love.” But it is the last part of Jesus’ mission – which was Jesus’ final prayer – that we have forgotten. It’s the Great Collaboration – that we are to go in love Together!

“…that they may be one as we are one – I in them and you in me – so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me…” John 17:22-23

We are Better Together

Changing the world is more than any one of us can do—but it’s not more than all of us can do together. When we collaborate and come together as a body of believers, He promises (Matt 18:20) He’ll be present in a qualitatively different way than when we are alone. In other words: We Are Better Together

What’s Missing From The Mission

For an entire generation, the Western Church has been on a search to solve a puzzle. What does it take to create movement and accomplish the mission of Jesus? Chances are you’ve also been on this search. Want to know what’s missing? Check out this insightful blog post. 

Together With God

Before God can create a movement through you, He must first move in you. Before God will create community through you; He must first be in community with you. Only a whole and healthy leader doing life in communion with God can lead themselves, their family, their team and their church into greater experiences of being together with God.

Together as a Family

If we get family right, the whole world works right! The best way to have exponential and generational impact for Jesus is through the legacy of a whole family.  If we get this right in our homes, we give the following generations the best opportunity to experience and share the love of Jesus. Simply put, family is mission critical!

Together as a Team

The mission of Jesus is not something that can be accomplished by a single individual or one charismatic leader. We must come together as teams made up of unique gifts and callings to equip and mobilize God’s people for mission. When it comes to teamwork, we are better together! 

Together as a Church

Most of us would declare we are part of a church. But as pastors and ministry leaders, are we actually doing life together with the church? God has called us to not only lead our church but to be part of our it! As church leaders, we need to live in togetherness and lead in togetherness.

Together with Networks

We are convinced that more networks will lead to more churches being planted. That’s why we want to help you get into a network. Networks build the kingdom not individual castles; and networks build the kingdom by tearing down the walls that divide! Check out this series of blog posts on the importance of networks.

Together: The Answer to Jesus’ Prayer

We can be the answer to Jesus’ prayer. We have the opportunity to be the generation that comes together and leads His movement of redemption and love a lost and lonely world. If we are one, the world will know that God is one and they will be one!


Throughout 2020, Exponential will continue the mobilization conversation with a focus on the importance of collaboration, coming together as a body of believers to fulfill the mission of Jesus. Here, Dave Ferguson and Patrick O’Connell invite us to embrace the power of collaboration and its importance to the kingdom. We are better together!

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Resource Kits

Check out our Together Training Kit to be equipped and trained for a collaborative movement. This incredible resource includes 5+ hours of inspiring videos and is available for FREE.

These previously unreleased videos by multiplication leaders give us a deeper insight into being:

Together With God

Together As A Family

Together As A Team

Together As A Church

Together With Networks


We are excited to launch a new series of eBook’s around our 2020 theme Together: Pursuing The Great Collaboration. These books will focus on the importance of collaboration, coming together as a body of believers to fulfill the mission of Jesus. These books invite us to embrace the power of collaboration and its importance to the kingdom.


Grab these free eBooks with frameworks, stories, and multiplication principles to help you pursue Kingdom multiplication. We are better together.


In the Together podcast series, Exponential features a series of compelling conversations with some of today’s most trusted voices on their personal calling. You will be intrigued to hear from leaders like Michael Carrion, Pete Scazzero, Kadi Cole, and more on their journey to live out God’s call together.

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A collection of news and notes on pursuing the Great Collaboration