Together Video Series: 7 Questions To Ask Before Starting A Network


Over the past two months, Dave Ferguson and Patrick O’Connell have introduced us to the Great Collaboration: how God relates in togetherness and how our combined efforts together can activate Kingdom multiplication. In the last two posts, Dave and Patrick took us on a tour of the various church planting network models and then asked you to join one. If you missed them, read about the ten models here and here.

But maybe you’d rather start a network. After all, more networks will lead to more churches planted. There are lots of different reasons and motivations for starting networks. Our assumption is that you are interested in starting a church planting network. If that’s the case, what follows are the seven essential questions we believe you need to ask and answer before starting a network.  As you ask and answer the following questions, make sure you refer to the ten models as resources. Then decide if the network you’re planning to start will be similar to one of the models or a hybrid of more than one.