Project: Urban Leadership Development  
 Troy Evans & Mark Evans   


To equip the church to do the work of urban discipleship.

Project Categories

  • Innovative Approaches for the Next Generation: Evangelism/Reaching/Engaging

  • Innovative Approaches for the Next Generation: Mobilizing
  • Innovative Approaches for the Next Generation: Pipelines for Church Planting and Leadership Innovative Approaches for the Next Generation: Other

Big Idea and Overview

Hustle Pray Eat is a tshirt brand on a mission!!! I’m for the last three years we have been committed to using our influence and resources to equip the next generation of urban leaders! We partner with The EDGE Urban church and Nitrogen Urban Ministry to provide training, coaching and resourcing the under resourced urban leader. Major milestones include: *Coaching 10 urban pastors on strategic planning & digital marketing.

Customer / Mission Field Context

We are serving in the urban context across the US.

Goals and Desired Outcomes

  • To coach 15 Pastors on strategic planning
  • Train 200 leaders on intentional discipleship
  • To train 10 urban businesses to use their platform and resources for the purpose of making urban disciples
  • 3-5 Urban Residencies Completed

Results and

  • Hosted 2 Urban Leadership Conferences

  • Hosting Urban Ministry Residency program

Media Assets

Urban Leadership Development
Exponential NEXT Podcast