Urban Planting Workshop


Learn to multiply as leaders of reproducing churches in urban contexts share their experience and stories.

Session 1: Gospel Movement: Beginning with the End in Mind
In recent years church planting has become arguably the most in vogue aspect of ministry in North America. Planters by the thousands have been sent to cities all across this continent, core groups have been built, facilities have been rented, and new churches have been launched. However, at the very same time the church in North America is actually on the decline. Christianity is actually shrinking. Something is wrong. What are we missing? I’m convinced the answer is found in the life of Jesus Himself. In this session we’ll examine three realities that we learn from the life of Christ that will recalibrate our understanding of church planting and prayerfully lead to a true gospel movement in North America.
Speaker: Vance Pitman

Session 2: Plant His Church, Not Yours
Planting churches has never been our idea, our choice, or even up to us. Planting a church is a Jesus-called, Jesus-led, Jesus-empowered movement of God. In this session Rob Wilton will unpack Paul’s story of planting the church in Corinth while also sharing his experience (good, bad, and ugly) in planting two churches in two cities. You will receive some practical principles that will equip you to plant His church for His glory.
Speaker: Rob Wilton

Session 3: Three Reasons Why Your Church Plant Will Only Reach Christians
Have you ever noticed how common it is for new churches to just attract believers from other churches? Your church plant might even attract Christians who, for whatever reason, aren’t currently in church. But ultimately, those aren’t the people you planted the church for. Your church plant was birthed out of a passion to reach the lost in your community. So join us as we talk about three things you can do to position yourself and your church plant to connect with the people God sent you there to reach.
Speaker: Sean Sears

Session 4: Creative Holistic Strategies for Engaging Your City
Whether it was five loaves and two fish or a little mud and some spit, Jesus took what was in front of him and multiplied it for the use of the Kingdom. Come hear creative strategies for multiplying holistic ministry with limited resources and be encouraged to maximize all God has given you.
Speaker: Bruce Moore

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