To Where Are You Sent? | Exponential

February 23, 2017


“As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you” (John 20:21).

It’s easy to miss the power of His words in this single verse—Jesus, the sent one, revealing to His followers an even bigger calling than they’d first understood. A mission extending beyond the relational warmth of their small group. A cause without the safety and security of their Master in bodily form. The question for all of us is not, “Are we sent?” but rather, “To where and to whom are we sent?”

The desire of the Father’s heart is that we are to multiply. It’s why He sent His Son. We see it in Jesus’ words in John 20 and Matthew 28. But as Dave Rhodes points out in this week’s featured resource, we can also see it throughout the Bible. To help his church grasp the vitality in Level 5 multiplication, Dave went to the stories in Scripture to discover a biblical metaphor for the personal Becoming 5 journey. I urge you to check out his thoughtful insights in this new article, “Crossing the Jordan,” and short teaching video. We’re also releasing FREE equipping resources on leadership from Jim Putman, Brian Bloye, Joby Martin and Jeff Leake, among others.

As we look toward Exponential East in Orlando (April 24-27), our team is praying for every leader who will be there. If you haven’t registered for the conference, it’s not too late. Click here and join our growing family of multiplication activists who are changing their scorecard and learning to live sent.

A Biblical Metaphor for Multiplication – In this training video, Dave Rhodes gives an overview of the tensions multiplying churches face. He highlights God’s dream for people to multiply and how it relates to our churches today.

Crossing the Jordan – In this article, Dave Rhodes gives us the reason why we find ourselves unable to put down a good book and why we’re moved to tears in a movie. In stories, we learn to identify with others’ struggles and find courage to walk through our own trials. Through story, we cultivate our heroes and imagine that success on this journey might be possible.

Creating a Disciple-Making Culture: DEFINE IT – Real Life Ministries Senior Pastor, Jim Putman, Co-Author of Discipleshift, joins Brandon Guindon, Senior Pastor of the newly planted RLM Texas with Luke Yetter, of the Relational Discipleship Network, to discuss “Establishing a Biblical Culture for Disciple Making.” They discuss why it is important to arrive at a common definition of a mature disciple and how to arrive at that common definition.

Praying for Your Church Plant – In this training video, Jeff Leake discusses the different ways you should pray for your church plant. Rather than pleading for God to make things work in your favor, your prayers should seek to join God in what He is already doing.

Accountability in a Church Plant – In this training video, Joby Martin explains that it is critical for a church plant to have outside oversight. He also gives some practical help if you do not have anyone in authority to help guide you.

Core Pre-Launch Systems – Before launching a church, having systems in place to raise money, gather people, and take of the details is essential. In this training video, Dave Page gives five core systems a church should put in place during the pre-launch period.

Planting a Church Changes Everything – Planting a church isn’t easy, but it is possible to do more than survive the process – you can actually thrive and grow in faith together as a family. In this podcast, veteran church planting couple, Brian and Amy Bloye, share authentic insight into the issues families face when planting a church.

We Messed Up So You Don’t Have To  – In this podcast, we have rounded up a panel of expert mistake-makers! Together, they share experiences in planting churches with the bruises to prove it. If there were cities of refuge for church plant leaders, we’d be charter members. So if you want to learn from Ph.D’s in messing up, you’ll fit right in.

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