Project: WI+H Movement
Walter Harvey


The WI+H Movement exists to transform every community’s pain points through a disciple making movement and using business as a tool of justice.

Project Categories

  • Bivo/Covo Business for Mission Models and Expressions
  • Collaborative Methods for Increased Planting
  • Disciple Making and Church Engagement
  • Methods and Models for Mobilizing Everyday Missionaries
  • Micro Models and Expressions

Big Idea and Overview

We come alongside existing churches and new pastors to help them imagine new possibilities for their community. Through a process of WI+H Connection (1 hour), then WI+H Ministry Studio (1.5 days), WI+H Cohorts (12 months/meeting quarterly) and Coaching (meeting monthly with leads and teams), we assist these teams with Listening, Learning and then Leading in ways that are effective to disciple making and transformation in each cultural and geographic context.

Phase 1: Listen – 1 month/4 Weeks – Pastors and leaders listen to God and the community. They discover God’s agenda and imagine lives and neighborhoods the way God sees them. 

  • Touchpoints/Support Mechanism
  • Weekly one on one & group sessions by Zoom.(W/ Connect)

Phase 2
: Learn – 2 Months/8 Weeks – Cohorts learn Discipleship making & community transformation strategies and models. They design innovative models and strategies that lead to change.

  • Touchpoints/Support Mechanism 
  • Attend In-person and virtual Ministry studios.
  • Monthly group coaching sessions.
  • Monthly One on One Coaching with the pastor or leader.

Phase 3
: Lead – 9 Months – Cohorts launch innovative models, capture learning, and make adjustments. They also begin to share models and look for new opportunities to influence and impact. 

  • Touchpoints/Support Mechanism
  • Attend In-person and virtual Ministry studios.
  • Monthly Design Team coaching sessions.
  • Monthly One on One coaching sessions with the pastor or leader.

Customer / Mission Field Context

Our customer is an existing pastor or new pastor who is experiencing gaps in realizing the vision of disciple making and community transformation. The primary context that WI+H operates in is urban or inner city, because there is more prevalent, systemic and generational pain. Economic development and unleashing ordinary believers in Christ into spiritual disciple making (not Sunday worship experiences nor occasional outreach) are often weak spots for the Church and Faith-based non-profit in these communities.

Goals and Desired Outcomes

WI+H Overarching Goals:

  • To ensure that each person living in Urban pain points has repeated opportunities to see, hear, and respond to the Gospel.
  • For Urban neighborhoods to experience the fullness and joy of knowing Jesus.
  • For Churches, Christians, and community stakeholders to collaborate to imagine new possibilities, take action, and create new environments for people.

Results and

  • We have successfully branded The WI+H Movement.
  • We have partially staffed the Movement.
  • 5 WI+H Connects. The WI+H Connects introduces the movement to churches and neighborhoods throughout the US. 
  • 1 Ministry Studio (February 2022) – with 65 participants, representing 22 multi-ethnic and multi-denominational Churches and Para-church organizations in greater Milwaukee. A result of the studio was the formation of the Milwaukee region cohort that meets quarterly to discuss challenges, best practices, and to develop action plans. The cohort is made up of these same churches and nonprofit organizations . 
  • 1 Regional Cohort 
  • Coaching – We are currently in a coaching relationship with staff and administration of City on a Hill Milwaukee. Their goal is to develop and implement a discipleship making model in Milwaukee.   We have had two coaching sessions where they developed a working definition of discipleship making and a vision.  
  • 2 additional Ministry Studios are scheduled for Summer and Fall 2022