What Will Your Church’s Legacy Be?

Lindy Lowry

What Will Your Church’s Legacy Be?

An encouraging new study reveals an increase in church multiplication. Here’s what we’re learning—and how your church can be a part of this kingdom call.

“When the master returned from a long absence, he rewarded his two faithful servants and said to each of them, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant!’” —Matthew 25:21–24

Most, if not all, church leaders know this Scripture well. Jesus’ hard-hitting parable focuses on the legacy our faithfulness yields. In the same way, most leaders today are also wrestling with what has become a familiar question of impact: “If your church were to shut down tomorrow, would your community even notice?”

Scripture and questions like this help us focus our energies. Instead of thinking only about our own needs and church, we realize the eternal potential of reaching out beyond our church walls and into our communities. In many ways, it’s the difference between a church “having success” and “leaving a legacy.”

Bottom line: We all want to make a kingdom impact both now and when we leave this earth. We all want to be called “good and faithful servant.” But what does this kind of eternal legacy look like? And how can you as a leader—regardless of the size or context of your church—make this kind of impact?


Before thinking through those questions, Exponential CEO Todd Wilson urges us to first understand one important truth: Our churches are going to die. Maybe not tomorrow or next month or next year or even 20 years from now, but the inevitable reality is that every church will eventually die. Saddleback Church, North Point, Community Christian Church—all of these thriving churches will die because every church experiences growth, plateau and then decline.

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