Women in Church Planting Workshop


We’ll encourage women to discover and maximize their role in church planting and equip them to lead strong.

Session 1: Mobilizing Women and Families to Plant
What is it like to plant a church as a woman? What are the dynamics when couples plant a church together, and what is the impact on the entire family? What are the strengths and challenges to women and families as they respond to God’s call to start something new? Join us as we discuss ways that women and families can be mobilized to build God’s kingdom and make disciples. We will look at Scripture, new innovative outreach methods for families and the importance of Sabbath for those engaging in the difficult but meaningful work of church planting.
Speaker: Rachel Gilmore

Session 2: It’s Complicated: A Realistic Look at Balance and Boundaries
You’ve heard that balance and boundaries are important, but how do you actually pursue health in these areas? Three women in different stages of life discuss how to set (or reset) your boundaries. It’s not easy, but these encouraging and empowering women will share practical takeaways and ideas for you to thrive in your own church planting journey. This workshop will deal with challenges like how to schedule priorities instead of prioritizing your schedule, how to say no, or how to deal with expectations others put on you and your church plant. Come learn how to create margin in your life and ministry.
Speakers: Debbie Jones, Melissa Hoover, Rachel Short, and Sarah Burnett

Session 3: Flourish as a Leader’s Spouse
Geri will share her story and the hard lessons she learned — in her role as a leader and a leader’s spouse — for over 26 years. She will then introduce a pathway for getting beneath the surface of your life so that not only you flourish, but so does everyone else around you
Speaker: Geri Scazzero

Session 4: TBD
Description TBD
Speakers: TBD and TBD

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