Women in Leadership Workshop


Leadership can be a difficult place. Learn from leaders who have navigated the challenges, including team building, leadership development, casting vision and more.

Mentorship: Finding and Being an Effective Mentor
Thriving in church planting TOGETHER happens when women work with each other and maximize their experiences to challenge and support others. Therefore, how can women in church planting empower each other to lead strong in their own callings of vocation and purpose? This session will focus on the importance of mentoring (both having a mentor and mentoring others) as well as cheering on young women in the church. Leaders will discuss how to pursue mentorship or coaching that is a good fit for both individuals and specific tools and practices to help you find a mentor.
Speakers: Carrie Williams and Heidy Tandy

Women in Vocational Ministry: Where Do We Fit?
Being a woman in ministry can be a complicated and challenging world to navigate. Don’t do it alone. Together we will dive into the conversation about our biggest challenges along with solutions that actually work.
Speakers: Carrie Williams

Church Planting and Entrepreneurship: A Growth and Grit Mindset
Church planting and starting a business from the ground up are strikingly similar in many ways. Entrepreneur and Business coach Jessica Bettencourt will share how she turned two simple ideas into separate multi-million dollar businesses. Jessica will share how a resilient mindset, grit, and determination backed by faith has been essential in her career. Come learn how some of the very same principles she used to grow her businesses can be used to grow your church. You will learn how to get started, how to build a team and how to stay positive when it feels like nothing is going right!
Speakers: Tom Jones and Jessica Bettencourt

Overcoming the “Sticky Floor”
Breaking through the “Stained Glass Ceiling” is one thing, but many women are also figuring out how to overcome their “Sticky Floor” — those internal dialogues and thought processes that hold ourselves back. Join Kadi Cole as she talks through the research from her bestselling book, Developing Female Leaders, and uncovers The Best Practices for Female Leaders.
Speaker: Kadi Cole

She Has a Voice — How Empowered Female Leadership Impacts the Church
The female voice is a valuable part of church ministry. Sadly, many women fail to step into their leadership call due to a variety of issues — like insecurity, comparison, the outer and inner critic, neglect, and doubt. Ultimately, the Church suffers for it. When a woman learns to rise up into her God-given destiny, there is exponential Kingdom fruit. This workshop will uncover what leads to a disempowered voice and help you take brave steps towards becoming Strong, Healthy and Empowered (S.H.E.) for effective Kingdom impact.
Speaker: Deb Walkemeyer

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