Multiplication Center

Exponential is a growing community of leaders committed to accelerating the multiplication of healthy, reproducing faith communities. We equip movement makers with actionable principles, ideas, and solutions. We are passionate about accelerating multiplication through movement makers!

Jesus. Leaders. Acceleration. Movements. Multiplication.


To see an expanding number of movements of healthy, reproducing faith communities.


Distributing thought leadership.


Equipping movement makers with actionable principles, ideas, and solutions for the accelerated multiplication of healthy, reproducing faith communities.


Exponential means “accelerating multiplication.” That is the core of what we seek to do (our mission).

Our Team

Todd Wilson

Todd Wilson

Todd is co-founder of Exponential and provides vision, strategy and direction for the ministry. He is a Kingdom-entrepreneur who is naturally drawn to anything around the next corner

Chairman of the Board

Futuristic | Strategic | Activator | Command | Deliberative

Dave Ferguson

Dave is co-founder of Community Christian Church, New Thing and Exponential. Dave oversees the creative process and programming for Exponential Conferences. His enthusiasm for “yes” is contagious.


Futuristic | Activator | Command | Positivity | Arranger

Jason Stewart

Jason Stewart

Jason catalyzes movement for Exponential by bridging vision to strategy to implementation. He works to align and leverage the gifts and passions of the Exponential team.


Futuristic | Belief | Strategic | Responsibility | Positivity

Terri Saliba

Terri Saliba

Terri is the Operations Manager for Exponential and keeps all the moving parts moving. She is the perfect mother hen but is really our goose laying the golden eggs.

Executive Director

Woo | Communication | Relator | Belief | Positivity

Gino Beltran

Gino Beltran

Gino has a vast creative, marketing, and operations background, coupled with over a decade of ministry and church planting experience. Gino is increasing our community of multiplication advocates with marketing wizardry and ninja networking skills.

Networking and Partnerships Director

Achiever | Connectedness | Belief | Restorative | Responsibility

Bill Couchenour

Bill Couchenour

Bill primarily serves network and denominational leaders. He also provides strategic and operational oversight of Exponential’s R&D and expanding educational opportunities.

Director of Learning Communities

Futuristic | Learner | Individualization | Responsibility | Connectedness

Patt Senseman

Patt implements strategies to aggregate thought leadership from 100s of leaders and ministries. She curates and delivers the deepest, most impactful library of resources to today’s church planting communities.

Content Director

Strategic | Communication | Achiever | Responsibility | Self-Assurance

Matt Wish

Matt is equal parts creative and strategist. Which is a fancy way of saying he can dream it and build it. This skillset comes in handy while leading the marketing and advertising efforts for Exponential. It’s also great for building LEGO masterpieces with his son and nephews.

Marketing Director

Input | Connectedness | Communication | Empathy | Achiever

Anna Wilson

Anna Wilson

Anna takes care of many of the details the rest of us forget or are not good at. She helps the rest of the team be more successful at their unique roles by taking care of things we'd miss.

Operations and Administration

Harmony | Responsibility | Consistency | Deliberative | Connectedness

Aaron Barnett

As a researcher and curator, Aaron is engaged in the development, integration, and implementation of Exponential’s content and its distribution to church leaders all over the world.

Content Specialist

Strategic | Futuristic | Learner | Significance | Achiever  


Marybeth King

Marybeth is able to juggle her bookkeeping responsibilities with being Exponential's incredible customer service specialist. Her responsibility gene helps us to make sure everyone feels the Exponential love!

Bookkeeping and Customer Service

Responsibility | Harmony | Developer | Connectedness | Arranger

Ralph Moore

Ralph Moore

Ralph Moore is the Founding Pastor of the Hope Chapel movement. Beginning with just 12 people and a frightened young pastor, the Hope Chapel “movement” now numbers over 2,300 churches, worldwide (and counting). He helps catalyze church multiplication movements.

Church Multiplication Catalyst

Context | Activator | Maximizer | Learner | Arranger

Larry Walkemeyer

Larry Walkemeyer

Larry (with his wife, Deb) leads Light & Life Christian Fellowship, a large, urban, multiethnic church in Long Beach, CA that has planted many churches nationally and internationally. As an author and speaker Larry works to advance the multiplication mission of the church.

Director of Equipping & Spiritual Engagement

Maximizer | Activator | Achiever | Futuristic | Positivity

Don Smith

Don Smith

Don leads our main stage creative programming, including developing the conference video elements, and works with bands, speakers and other main stage talent.

Creative Director

Activator | Woo | Responsibility | Restorative | Communication

Pat Masek

Pat Masek serves as the main stage speaker care for Exponential. She also serves as the Executive Assistant to Dave Ferguson and a Global Catalyst for NewThing.

Speaker Care

Woo | Activator | Futuristic | Arranger | Communication

Seeing the paradigm for success shift from addition to multiplication, and the percentage of U.S. churches that ever reproduce increase to greater than 10% will require increasing diversity of race, ethnicity, gender, experience, approaches, models and contexts. It will also require equipping a next generation of leaders to shape the future of the church and to lead well amidst an increasingly diverse, cynically-divided, culture that is increasingly hostile toward Jesus and to his followers.

With an historically aging, white, male, suburban bias, we are committed to expanding our narrative and our effectiveness in reaching into all corners of society. The intended diverse makeup of the Exponential Associates is not simply a statement of desire, it’s a commitment to reflect and value the leaders we seek to serve in the coming years.



We’re the catapult not the carrier. Our fruit grows on others’ trees. We seek to come alongside and help accelerate what God is already doing through others. We are not in competition with any church planting organizations but have a posture of you can do it, how can we help?


In essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, in all things charity, with a precious few essentials. Diversity of models and approaches. We seek to platform the aggregation of what God is up to rather than one model or approach.

Pursuing Next

Yesterday faithfully becomes today. We seek to look out the window and see things before others do. We are future biased and continually look for what God seems to be up to around us. Most productive work happens in the trenches today. We seek to help leaders be more effective and productive today by helping them see around the next corner yesterday.

Frugality and Stewardship

We are faithful with little and trusted with much. We seek to remain small and decentralized in our overhead with innovative funding models (e.g. Business for Mission) that are not donor reliant.

Partnerships and Collaboration

We limit doing what others can do better. We seek to work synergistically with others to accomplish more together than the sum of the individual parts.

Leveraging Leverage

Go big or go home. We seek to multiply one into one hundred in all that we do (as a way of modeling and of stewardship).

Islands of Health and Strength

Where is God at work and how do we join him?
We seek to find and come alongside strong leaders, surrendered to God, to help accelerate what God is doing through them.

From Clarity to Action

Ideas without fruit are simply academic. We seek to help people get clarity on what’s next for them including how to embrace and implement ideas, principles and strategies and then to act.



God, the Creator of the world, is all powerful and all knowing. God’s ways are perfect and He despises sin.


Man is separated from God due to sin. Without redemption from sin, man’s end is death. People matter to God. His love for man is so deep that God initiated action to cover man’s sin and to make a way for man to be reconciled to Him


Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Head of the church, is the only way to God and to eternal life. Jesus died for our sins, and rose from the dead so that man could be redeemed from his sinful nature and restored to a right relationship with God.


Forgiveness of sins and eternal life are available to all who accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Those accepting Jesus Christ should repent of sin, confess their faith, and be baptized into Him.

Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit lives within and empowers every Christian.


The Bible is the inspired word of God, and our standard for living according to God’s ways.


The Church is the body of Christ on earth, empowered by the Holy Spirit to evangelize the lost and to edify the believer.


Does Exponential plant churches?

No. Exponential seeks to come alongside and serve church planters and the organizations they are affiliated with. We seek to impact church planting by accelerating the multiplication of leading organizations who are planting churches.

Does Exponential provide financial grants to church planters?

We do not provide financial grants, however, we do help resource other church planting organizations who do provide grants.

How does Exponential serve church planters and church planting ministries?

Click here to learn more about how we serve planters.

Who owns Exponential?

Exponential is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that serves the broad, evangelical church planting community. The governing Board of Exponential consists of experienced leaders from church planting networks. The Board currently consists of leaders from New Thing (, Stadia (, Passion for Planting ( and Orchard Group (

Is Exponential affiliated with a specific network or denomination?

The roots of Exponential trace to the Christian Churches. Today, Exponential serves any Evangelical ministry. We currently serve over 50 different networks and denominations.

Who are some of the ministries Exponential serves?

Examples include: Association of Related Churches, New Thing, Acts 29 Network, Stadia, Launch Network, Vision 360, Orchard Group, Missio, Forge, Assemblies of God, Evangelical Free Church of America, Converge Worldwide (Baptist General Conference), Southern Baptists, etc.

How does Exponential fund its operations?

We essentially function as a Business for Mission. This means we are not reliant on donor dollars or fundraising for operations. The fees charged for the operations we sponsor cover our operations. We maintain a very lean and frugal overhead. Where appropriate to pilot new initiatives and / or strategically grow existing initiatives, we do accept donor investments.