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How does a microchurch movement start?

In recent days, post-Covid, there has been a sea change in the world of “church planting”. Five to ten years ago, virtually all planters and church planting organizations were focused almost exclusively on the legacy model of church planting, often known as “launch large.” Now, a surging number of young leaders have different dreams and aspirations.

Rob Wegner and Brian Johnson are directors of a microchurch network that is regularly coaching ordinary people to make disciples, see microchurches emerge, and form city-wide networks. Join us for a learning community where we will open the hood on how this network emerged and how you can contextualize their paradigms and tools within your own city, region or context.

Ideal Participants: Church Planters and Aspiring Microchurch Leaders

Start the movement you envision.

2 Options to Experience this Training

Option 1: Digital Cohort

Cost: $199

A dynamic online experience.

Join this interactive 9-week digital community that includes a 2-hour opening session to start your journey, weekly huddles for 60 minutes, plus a compelling 2-hour closing session. Experience the power of connection, learning, and growth.

  • Fall Digital Cohort begins September 15

This live, online learning community will explore…

  • What is a microchurch? Why microchurch?
  • Activating ordinary people in their everyday mission fields
  • Disciple-making and microchurches
  • Starting and sustaining microchurch movements

Option 2: In-Person Intensive + Digital Cohort

Cost: $499

Help. Ideas. Brothers and sisters in it with you.

Level up your Digital Cohort experience with a 2-Day In-person Intensive in Kansas City, alongside the KC Underground Team. The KC Underground in-person intensive is more like a workshop than a seminar. During our time together, you will hear an overview from local directors of how the KC Underground is structured and how it functions within our city.

  • Fall Intensive — September 15-16
    • Begins Sunday, Sept. 15 at 4:00pm CT
    • Ends Monday, Sept. 16 at 9:00pm CT

To maximize the benefits of the in-person intensive and set up your digital cohort journey, you’ll also spend time with your team discerning how you might contextualize these principles in your own city.


You’ll hear stories of how everyday people are joining Jesus in their network of relationships. We’ll eat together, worship together, and listen for the voice of the Spirit together as we process over these two days. You’ll hear from local Hub directors and everyday microchurch leaders.

Cost includes:

  • Intensive Materials
  • Dinner Sunday
  • Lunch Monday
  • Dinner Monday

Online Cohort Details

Digital Cohort Schedule

Opening Session
Sunday, September 15: 2:00-4:00pm CT

Weekly Online Training Huddle
Sundays — September 22 through November 3
2:00-3:00pm CT

Closing Session
Sunday, November 10: 2:00-4:00pm CT

Learning Community Guides

Get the help you need to take your next step.
Rob Wegner

Rob Wegner

Rob is a ragamuffin who lives to love Jesus, his wife, his daughters, and his extended spiritual family in his neighborhood. He’s also one of the founding leaders and directors of the Kansas City Underground, a mission agency and decentralized network of microchurches and missional leaders committed to filling Kansas with the beauty, justice, and good news of Jesus. Rob also serves on the Global Leadership Team of NewThing, a global tribe equipping movement-makers in every nation of the world who believe in networking around the Jesus Mission. The Starfish and the Spirit: Unleashing the Leadership Potential of Churches and Organizations is his latest book, which he co-wrote with Lance Ford and Alan Hirsch.
Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson serves as one of the founders and directors of the Kansas City Underground, a mission agency and decentralized network of missionaries and microchurches in Kansas City. KCUG’s forty-year vision is to have a missionary on every street and a microchurch in every network of relationships, connecting with training Hubs throughout the city, saturating Kansas City with the beauty, justice, and Good News of Jesus. Brian and his wife Kristen live as missionaries with their five kids in their neighborhood, seeking to build an extended spiritual family there.


Limited spots are available and will be filled first-come-first-serve. 

Fall 2024 Learning Community Options

Digital Cohort

$ 199 per person
  • 7 Week Fully Online
  • Begins September 15

Fall Digital Cohort +
In-person Intensive

$ 499 per person
  • Two Day Intensive in KC
  • September 15-16

Refund policy: In the unlikely event the Learning Communities are cancelled before the first gathering, your deposit will be refunded. Leadership Network reserves the right to cancel an event due to circumstances beyond our control, including but not limited natural disasters, damage to host facilities, terrorism, contagious health concerns, government (national, state, regional and local) travel restrictions or public gathering restrictions. Under such circumstances, registrations are non-refundable. Much like when traveling on vacation or overseas, we recommend consideration of travel insurance if you need safeguarding against loss.