Resource Kits

The Return to Disciple Making Resource Kit

In the One Eighty: Returning to Disciple Making Resource Kit, you will have on-demand access to 12 videos comprising 4+ hours of disciple making training and equipping. It is with a strong sense that God is calling us back to the primary purpose of the church the Exponential Big Idea for 2024 will be One Eighty: Returning to Disciple Making.

Exponential Orlando 2023 Workshop Bundle

Now you can experience the dozens of hours of training and equipping from Exponential Orlando 2023! This bundle of 10 Resource Kits includes 100+ hours of teaching and conversation from 100+ diverse thought leaders and church multiplication practitioners. 

Reviving Evangelism Resource Kit

In the Reviving Evangelism Resource Kit, you will have on-demand access to 13 videos comprising 5+ hours of evangelism training and equipping. We desire to see a movement of evangelism through your life and leadership to further the cause of reproducing disciples and churches.

Empowered Resource Kit

The EMPOWERED Resource Kit is will guide you and your team to discover how to move with the leading of the Spirit. Hear from national leaders including Todd Proctor, Alex and Hannah Absalom,, Albert Tate, Pete Scazzero and Rob Wegner.

Metaverse Church Summit Resource Kit

Sometimes called Web 3.0, the metaverse, comprising new and yet-to-be technologies, shows incredible potential for the future Church. From the communities based in virtual reality to the potential communication channels influenced by augmented reality to the cultural shift towards decentralization influenced by cryptocurrencies and blockchain, our world will look very different thanks to the metaverse. 

MICROCHURCH Summit Resource Kit

The Microchurch Summit Resource Kit is perfect for individual and team training! Now you can bring these multi-session videos home to your spouse, team, and church.

Developing the Next Gen Resource Kit

Developing the Next Gen Resource Kit

We are fighting. Fighting against the hip to find sustainable hope. But… We are weary. Weary because we’ve been fighting alone. Yet… We are hoping. Learn more about the content and conversations that can help you reach and disciple the Next Generation of leaders.

Business Made Missional Summit Resource Kit

So many times all of us can check those boxes and more, but what about this box? Do you have a recurring funding structure that will sustain the ministry long term? With Myron Pierce, Christopher Brooks, Jay Moon and Tommy Kyllonnen.


Mobilize Summit Resource Kit

To see Kingdom multiplication occur in North America, we must see cultures in our church where every believer can live out their unique calling. 

Join us as we focus on “living deployed” practices like helping people understand their unique personal calling, equipping them to be missionaries, and helping them claim a mission field.

The Reset Resource Kit

On demand, innovative resources to help you lead with confidence in the post-covid church. Think differently about your personal scorecard, the success of your church, and the mobilization of your people.

Future of the church Resource kit

On demand, innovative resources to accelerate your impact for the future church. Includes tools to help you respond to the rapid changes in church multiplication.

Disciple Making Resource Kit

The Disciple Making Resource Kit is designed to help you make disciples who make disciples to the fourth generation. Key practitioners in disciple-making will equip you to create a culture of disciple-making in your church that plants the seeds for a disciple-making movement.

Leadership Resource Kit

The Leadership Resource Kit is designed to help equip you to lead yourself and others well. Learn from other experienced church leaders as they share best practices and new ideas about leadership development and personal leadership.

Missional Resource Kit

The Missional Resource Kit is designed to help you develop missional practices in your life and in your church that will accomplish God’s mission of reaching those who don’t know Him. Learn from key leaders in missional thought and practices on how to implement Biblical approaches to ministry.

Made for More: Church Wide Campaign

The free Church Campaign Kit includes sermon series videos and notes, small group guide, 30-day devotional, online assessment too, Made for More video series, Made for More course, staff & elder study guide.

Made for More: Resource Kit

The Made for More Resource Kit is designed to help transform your thinking and refocus you on mobilization strategies. It focuses on the following 6 shifts based on the book of Ephesians. Invest in your team, multiply their impact, and change the direction of your ministry.

Car lights on Highway

Made for More: Personal Calling Kit

The FREE Made for More Personal Calling Kit is designed to help your church empower others to discover their calling. It begins by awakening the dreams and imaginations of every believer to live the extraordinary life that God has always had in mind for them to live. The greatest force for change in the world happens when the Spirit of God mobilizes the people of God for ministry in every nook and cranny of society. Imagine a life where your best interest intersects with God’s best intentions.

Hero Maker Training Kit

The Hero Maker Training Kit is designed to help you move from being the hero to coming alongside others for them to become the heroes in our church’s unfolding story. Marked by a sense of holy and humble tenacity, leaders of a Level 5 multiplying church shift from being the hero and instead leverage their power and influence to become hero makers that lift up and support others.

Evangelism & Culture Resource Kit

The Evangelism & Culture Resource Kit is designed to equip leaders to engage culture and spread the gospel to all segments of society. Learn from seasoned thought leaders about how to personally reach your community and how to lead your church to do the same.

Multi-Ethnic Resource Kit

The Multi-Ethnic Resource Kit is designed to equip you to lead and reproduce healthy, multi-ethnic ministries. Learn from diverse, seasoned ministry leaders as they talk about the challenges and solutions involved with multi-ethnic ministry.

Prayer, Fasting, & the Holy Spirit Resource Kit

The Prayer, Fasting, & the Holy Spirit Resource Kit is designed to help you focus on spending time with and hearing from God. Learn from other ministry leaders as they discuss how to lead effectively out of the overflow of what God is doing in you.

Marriage & Ministry Kit

The Marriage and Ministry Kit helps you overcome the challenges that face your marriage, family, ministry, and the spaces where those domains intersect. The kit features videos from seasoned ministry leaders as well as the Flourish eBook.