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The Return
to Disciple-making

We are experiencing a wake-up call in the Church.

Although making disciples is the clear mission of the Church, when asked, most churches say that making disciples who make disciples is still their biggest weakness

We sense God is calling the Church to return to its primary purpose, to make disciples who make disciples. In order for us to do so we must make a one eighty turn with these five shifts…

Shift #1: From Reaching to Making 

Are we simply focused on attracting people to Jesus, or are we actively making disciples? In this crucial shift, we move beyond the numbers game and redirect our efforts towards developing mature disciples who reflect the life and character of Jesus. It’s time to shift from a consumer-driven approach to a disciple-making mindset, equipping believers to go out and make disciples themselves. By prioritizing the mission of making disciples, we ensure that the Church is fulfilling its true purpose, rather than just increasing attendance numbers. 

Shift #2: From Informing to Equipping

Do we believe that ministry is reserved for a select few, or are all believers called to be equipped for ministry? This shift challenges the notion that only a limited group of Christians have a role to play. Instead, we recognize that God has called every follower of Jesus into ministry. It’s time to expand our approach beyond providing information and focus on equipping every believer for effective ministry. By embracing a holistic understanding of equipping, involving various roles and giftings, we empower the entire Church to fulfill their calling and contribute to the work of ministry. 

Shift #3: From Attending to Attaching

Does attendance equate to true discipleship, or is there something more meaningful we should strive for? This shift calls for a change in perspective, from a mere focus on attendance to intentionally creating relational spaces that foster loving attachment to God and others. Love is more than a feeling; it’s about genuine connection and giving of ourselves. By shifting our approach from running programs to facilitating attachment, we pave the way for deeper discipleship. Let’s reevaluate our programs and ensure they provide the space for people to grow in their love for God and one another. 

Shift #4: From Striving to Thriving

Are we weary and burned out on our discipleship journey, or are we truly thriving in our walk with Christ? This shift challenges the culture of striving and invites us to embrace a mindset of thriving. It acknowledges the toll of burnout and seeks emotional, relational, and spiritual health. As leaders and followers of Jesus, we need to prioritize our well-being and seek growth in all areas of life. By fostering a culture of thriving, we create an environment that promotes holistic discipleship and enables greater effectiveness in fulfilling our mission. 

Shift #5: From Accumulation to Deploying

Are we viewing the Church as a business to accumulate people and resources, or are we seeing it as a family that deploys disciples for kingdom impact? This shift reorients our perspective from accumulation to deployment. It challenges the competition mindset and instead encourages collaboration among churches and ministries. The measure of success shifts from mere size to the ability to raise up mature disciples who can be sent out to fulfill the Great Commission. Let’s prioritize sending and multiplication, as we empower disciples to extend the Kingdom of God and impact the world.

Discover the 5 shifts that will transform your church's disciple-making efforts

One Eighty Webinar Series

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Next LIVE Webinar

Thursday, February 14
2:00pm ET

Join us for an insightful webinar as we explore the transformative shift from accumulation to deployment in the Church. Based on the book shift #5 from the book One Eighty: A Return to Disciple-making, this conversation delves into the biblical foundation for understanding the Church as a family and an army of mobilized multipliers.

Jeff Vanderstelt and Dave Ferguson will guide attendees through an examination of the scorecard used in measuring success and the need for a change in metrics. This will also be an interactive conversation where Jeff and Dave will answer attendee questions LIVE.

Discover how your church or ministry can make this essential shift and embrace a culture of deployment, where every member is equipped and empowered to make disciples and extend the Kingdom of God. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and grow as we surrender to God’s leadership in building His Church.

One Eighty Vodcast Series

Hosted by Jeff Vanderstelt

with Jay Pathak

Jay Pathak, National Director of Vineyard USA, engages in a conversation on how to return to disciple-making. The discussion revolves around the need to shift from reaching to actually making disciples who can make new disciples. Jay shares his personal journey of encountering God and how it led him to a deep passion for sharing his faith with others. 

From Informing to Equipping
with Evan Mawarire

Evan Mawarire, Zimbabwean pastor and activist, joins Jeff to delve into making a shift from informing to equipping in disciple-making, the profound importance of unity, and active faith in the church’s mission. Evan’s story is a gripping narrative of courage and faith-in-action you will not want to miss.

From Attending to Attaching
with Danielle Strickland

Is your church attendance nurturing your soul or just ticking a box? Dive into this riveting episode with Jeff Vanderstelt and Danielle Strickland. They discuss the crucial shift from simple church attendance to forming deep attachments with God for true disciple-making. Danielle, a social justice champion, shares insights on attachment love’s transformative power in disciple-making. 

Join the Conversation with 5,000+ Multiplication Leaders

 March 4-7, 2024
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