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Take The Survey: State Of AI In Churches

We have put together a comprehensive survey exploring the unfolding role of AI across church operations and activities today and in the years ahead. 

Together, we can identify the challenges, gauge training needs, and gain insights on personal perspectives regarding AI in ministry contexts. 

Will you help us map the modern AI landscape in the Church – to guide progress responsibly?

National Survey Topics Include —

  • Perceived pros/cons of AI integration
  • Current applications and experiments
  • Obstacles around adoption
  • Data/bias/job concerns and safeguards
  • Envisioning future improvements
  • Education and training gaps
  • Personal hopes and hesitations

Results will be published at the Exponential Global Conference in March 2024. Participants will receive the survey report via email when available.

This survey is being facilitated by Exponential’s AI NEXT and additional national partners including, AI for Church, and Gloo.

AI learning is just a click away.

It’s easy to move from intimidation into innovation.

In today’s world, not embracing AI isn’t playing it safe; it’s stalling the future. The good news is that as a church leader, you don’t have to be a techie to leverage AI; it’s more about embracing a culture of learning and adaptability. And AI NEXT is here to help.

With the current AI revolution we’re living through, productivity, ethics, job evolution, privacy, and security — all of these things aren’t side notes; they’re the main plot.  And the Church — your church — has the opportunity to explore the issues that matter thoughtfully, formulate your own contextualized approaches, and find ways to develop more disciples in your own community.

AI NEXT is here to help you navigate this disruptive force that Church leaders must be prepared to address going forward. Join us!

  • Generative AI Explained

    Learn the basics so that you can move from intimidation to inspiration

  • Learn Best Practices

    Understand how to approach AI so your ministry can flourish like never before

  • Discover New Tools

    Cut through the clutter and find the AI solutions that support your ministry objectives

  • Practical Applications

    Get a glimpse into how peers and practitioners are using AI for good today

Kenny Jahng

Director of AI NEXT

Kenny Jahng is editor-in-chief at and the founder of

Kenny is passionate about helping ministry leaders use technology to scale personal relationships for the Gospel. He is a Certified StoryBrand Guide and the founder of Big Click Syndicate, a strategic marketing advisory firm — focused on helping Christian leaders build audience engagement engines using digital strategies. His past experience includes serving as church online and innovation pastor for one of Outreach Magazine’s fastest-growing churches in America. Kenny earned his M. Div. at Princeton Theological Seminary and MBA at Columbia Business School. You can connect with Kenny on LinkedIn and Instagram or inside the AI for Church Leaders Facebook Group.