Reviving Evangelism Resource Kit


Reviving Evangelism Resource Kit




Evangelism has become a taboo word. Doing evangelism is seen as culturally inappropriate. Even many Christians feel like evangelism is wrong. According to Barna Research “Nearly half of Millennial practicing Christians say it is wrong to evangelize (47%).”

But at the same time Christians still recognize that evangelism was central to Jesus’ mission with “Two out of three Millennial practicing Christians believe being a witness about Jesus is part of their faith (65%)” – Barna Research. This confusion about evangelism has left the church with a lackluster approach to reaching the lost.

Our God doesn’t see the world as a lost cause. He is relentlessly committed to restoring a broken relationship with each of us. Romans 5:8 tells us that “God demonstrates his own love for us in this, while we were still sinners Christ died for us.”

Our commitment to the cause begins when we make it personal. We are all lost people. When we let that truth motivate us, we can’t help but be passionate about reaching people far from God.

In the Reviving Evangelism Resource Kit, you will have on-demand access to 13 videos comprising 5+ hours of evangelism training and equipping. We desire to see a movement of evangelism through your life and leadership to further the cause of reproducing disciples and churches.

On Demand Teaching and Inspiration From:

Learn how to create a culture of evangelism with these 4 focus areas:

  1. God’s Commitment to the Lost Cause
  2. The Values of the Lost Cause
  3. The Narrative of the Lost Cause
  4. The Behaviors of the Lost Cause