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Boise Exponential Roundtable
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Welcome Multipliers!

We invite you to join us at the Boise Exponential Roundtable, a gathering designed to inspire, empower, and connect local church leaders, pastors, church planters, and movement leaders like you.

Connect with Like-Minded Leaders

Our Exponential Roundtable is not just an event but a community. You’ll network with passionate leaders committed to the cause of Jesus and the growth of the Church. Together, we can forge stronger connections and create a greater movement for our region.

Gain Access to Experienced Practitioners

Meet. Dialogue. Conspire.

Connect with Like-Minded Leaders

You will connect with seasoned practitioners in church multiplication. You will engage in conversations leading to insights that will catalyze a culture of evangelism in your church, amplifying your impact in ways you’ve only dreamed of.

Hugh Halter Speaking at Exponential

Connect with Hugh Halter

Roundtable Keynote

Connect with veteran multiplication leaders including Hugh Halter, Mike Wiggin, and Preston Sprinkle.

Join the Movement

Join the party. Join us.

When you attend the Boise Exponential Roundtable, you will connect with The City Network, a community of church multiplication leaders advancing the Kingdom of God. We believe in the power of unity, collaboration, and shared vision. Together, we can create waves of transformation.

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February 1

Pre-conference Sessions on January 31

Calvary Boise

123 Auto Dr.
Boise ID 83709

Exponential Roundtable

Roundtable Schedule

2 Main Sessions, 2 Workshop Sessions

January 31
12:30pm – 1:00pm Checkin
1:00pm – 4:30pm Pre-con Lab

February 1
8:00am – 8:30am Registration & Coffee Social
8:45am – 10:15am Main Session 1
10:25am – 11:00am Break
11:00am – Noon Workshop 1
Noon – 2:00pm Lunch / Networking Lunches
2:30pm – 3:00pm Workshop 2
3:00pm – 3:30pm Break
3:30pm – 5:30pm Main Session 2
6:00pm – Happy Hour

Roundtable Topic

Creating a Culture of Evangelism

We have a problem! Evangelism has become a taboo word and confusion about evangelism has left the church with a lackluster approach to reaching the lost.There is a solution! We must be about the mission of Jesus: “to seek and to save the lost” (Luke 19:10). That means we must revive evangelism. A church with a culture of evangelism will hold the Biblical values of evangelism, share the compelling narratives of evangelism, and live out the white-hot faith behaviors of an evangelistic church.
God's Lost Cause

Reviving evangelism and prioritizing the mission of Jesus is crucial. Creating a safe place for people to belong before they believe, planting new churches with evangelistic cultures, and reaching the lost are key. Let’s be passionate about the Lost Cause and commit to making a difference in a world that needs it.

The Values of the Lost Cause

Our values must align with the values of our Heavenly Father. We believe in the reality of Heaven and Hell, and our desire is to share eternity in Heaven with our lost friends and neighbors. We value eternity because it is God’s heart that everyone comes to repentance and experiences eternal life. Sacrifice is at the core of our values, inspired by God’s love for us. We willingly give whatever it takes to reach those who are lost because we want to make a meaningful difference in their lives. This is our spiritual act of worship.

The Narrative of the Lost Cause

Creating a culture of evangelism requires intentional use of language that mobilizes Christians to reach lost people. The language of evangelism must shift from tactics like sales pitches and ultimatums to concepts like hospitality, friendship, and invitation. Sharing meals together and storytelling are powerful ways to reinforce these values and inspire action. By changing our language and sharing stories, we can create a culture that embraces Jesus’ mission to seek and save the lost.

The Behaviors of a Lost Cause

The Jesus Creed, summarized as “Love God and love your neighbor,” emphasizes the importance of listening without judgment, allowing others to draw their own conclusions, and confidently sharing one’s perspective. To create a culture of evangelism, we should become “Blessers” who bless others through prayer, listening, eating together, serving, and sharing our stories. By adopting this approach, we can make a positive impact on society and see significant conversions.

The Lost Cause Movement

Pursuing the Lost Cause emphasizes the importance of adopting Jesus’ personal mission to seek and save the lost. It highlights the need for communities of believers with evangelistic cultures that love and bless their neighbors. We want to be Multipliers who are commissioned for the lost cause by engaging in the reproduction and multiplication of new churches.

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Roundtable + Pre-Conference Registration

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  • 4 Pre-con Options


We like your questions. Here’s some helpful answers…

You can expect to hear from seasoned practitioners in church multiplication who will share their insights and experiences. You will also have the opportunity to network with other passionate leaders who share the same vision for multiplying the Church.

There are 4 options for pre-conferences the day prior to the Roundtable event you can select from when choosing the Roundtable + Pre-Conference registration option:

  1. BUSINESS AS MISSION: Where calling, gifting and mission collide for kingdom impact (Curated by Hugh Halter)
  2. BECOMING A HOPE DEALER: Building a culture of evangelism that starts with the leader (Curated by Mike Wiggin)
  3. PREACHING EVANGELISTICALLY: Helping people find their way back to God through preaching (Curated by Josh Branham)
  4. THE DIGITAL FIELDS: Changing the way we think about digital outreach and communications

We are a partnership of churches of all stripes working together to grow and multiply healthy churches to reach our cities.

The mission is big. We need to plant hundreds of healthy growing churches in our valley over the next 15 years just to keep up with our astounding population growth, but God wants even more.

We are hoping to see a movement of God, drawing many people to himself and engaging the people of God in His plan to see His kingdom come in Idaho as it is in heaven.

Visit The City Network website

You can expect to hear from seasoned practitioners in church multiplication who will share their insights and experiences. You will also have the opportunity to network with other passionate leaders who share the same vision for multiplying the Church.

The Happy Hour is an optional, extended networking session where you can connect with other city leaders and gain access to our keynote practitioners. It’s a fantastic opportunity to build connections and share insights with like-minded individuals who share the vision for multiplying the Church.