Future Church Podcast

Get a Front Row Seat to Leaders and Projects Shaping the Future of the Church

The recent past has left us with more questions than answers when it comes to making disciples and multiplying the church. Will things ever get back to normal? And if so, is that a good thing?

Should we focus on online strategies, press into new forms for gathering, or hybrid models? Will church leaders need a new form of training, preparation, and funding? What about buildings, giving, staffing, technology, and planning?

With the need for the Gospel in our generation, we must not look for a silver bullet, one-size-fits-all approach. There are many expressions of the local church. Through the Future Church Podcast, we will discover and highlight new and effective ways churches can impact our world with the Gospel.

While none of these projects are a “silver-bullet”, they do have things to teach us. And it’s the collection of small learnings that just might produce a huge impact. Lean in and engage this conversation!

Checkout a Future Church Podcast Episode


Episode 1  – DJ Soto, Virtual Reality Church

In this inaugural episode of the Future Church Podcast, host Todd Wilson talks to DJ Soto about Virtual Reality Church.  The immersive capabilities of virtual reality have created a unique opportunity to create loving spiritual communities for a new type of mission field the world has never seen before.


Episode 2  – Jason Shepperd, Church Project

Church Project began as an idea to see if a church could grow in city impact through a movement of connected House Churches. The common Sunday gathering would be supportive, not central, and all functions of pastoral leadership and community would occur within the House Church, led by non-vocational pastors.


FCP 3 — Tami Lakey, So Shine Foundation

So Shine Foundation is a nonprofit that exists as a co-vocational opportunity. Their approach through their initiatives is to be practitioners that can then teach out of their experience. In 2017, the nonprofit purchased an existing coffee bar and used it as a co-vocational opportunity for mission in the community. Since then, the So Shine Foundation has assisted with the startup of two additional coffee bars with strategic outreach initiatives.


FCP 4 — Arman Sheffey, Unshackled Network

Unshackled is a decentralized network of microchurches innovating ways to help those on the margins of Lake County, IL experience freedom in Jesus exploring new ways to develop a presence among the poor and vulnerable. Since March 2019, they have launched four microchurches reaching those in their 60s and 70s, one serving gang-related and at-risk youth, another reaches middle-class, and finally, and one is a microchurch that reaches Hip-hop lovers.


FCP 5 — Patrick Holden, Nuvo Church

Nuvo began as a church plant with 3 families living in different parts of the country who wanted to launch in OH. By utilizing social media, Nuvo was able to launch during the pandemic through digital services, digital groups, in person groups, and pop-up gatherings in different parts of the city. Their “hope is to create a scalable model of in person gatherings, partnered with a unique digital presence to reach agnostics and people de-constructing their faith”.


FCP 6 — Angela Craig, Pursuit Church Live

Pursuit Live Church was birthed out of the truth that God leaves no one out. He loves, accepts, and welcomes everyone. He has given us technology as a gift to reach every corner of the world with the message and hope of Jesus. Since its inception in 2017, PCL has grown to nearly 16,000 followers on Facebook, serving 47 countries in 48 languages, and over 2500 individuals in small groups.