Brandon Cook

Brandon Cook serves as lead pastor at Long Beach Christian Fellowship and is a co-founder of The Bonhoeffer Project, a group of nationally known thought leaders challenging today’s default gospel that says you can become a Christian and go to Heaven—and following Jesus is an option. This group is championing a “new” gospel—that which Jesus taught that says those who are called to salvation are called to discipleship.

Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, Brandon studied at Wheaton College in Illinois, Jerusalem University College, Brandeis University, and The Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies. Before joining a transformational training organization and moving to Southern California in 2006, he worked as a professional storyteller. In 2009, he went to Long Beach Christian Fellowhip, and over the course of five years of pastoring became convinced that his work—and the work of the church—is to become fully committed to discipleship and making disciple makers. The Bonhoeffer Project is for him a quest to live into the question: How are people transformed to live and love like Jesus.