City Movement

Building Blocks to Unlocking the 3rd Dimension of Your City


We all want to see a movement happen in our city or geography. But the reality is that movements don’t emerge from a singular church, organization or individual. Movements are driven by collaboration and catalyzed by Kingdom-minded leaders. In City Movement, we will explore the essentials to building a thriving, collaborative city movement. In this FREE eBook, Mission Orange County Executive Catalyst Chris Lagerlof shares his experience and passion for seeing the Church multiplied and mobilized to impact and transform our cities and communities. Through seven specific building blocks, he offers what Mission OC has learned and is learning in the journey to impact every man, woman and child with the gospel—providing leaders with the tools and knowledge necessary to catalyze a movement in your city. Download the FREE eBook here.

Key highlights:

  • Why churches that want to be part of a city movement must get to the core of their identify and determine who they are
  • Six non-negotiables to building a successful team that reflects and understands the needs of its city
  • The difference between participation and transformation
  • The critical importance of building a playground in which churches can come together around a common goal
  • What it means to have a “geographical mindset”
  • Why “building a factory” versus “building a car” is paramount to church planting
  • Why if your primary focus is the church, your impact will be limited
Chris Lagerlof
Chris Lagerlof currently serves as the chief catalyst for Mission Orange County, which exists to mobilize and multiply churches in Orange County to collaborate within their cities to impact every man, woman and child with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Chris is also a senior leadership associate with Slingshot Group, where he is relentlessly focused on helping Kingdom-minded leaders and organizations thrive. Chris is a strategic thinker, project specialist and experienced leader. His passion is to help leaders and churches move forward by maximizing their focus, clarity and performance. Chris worked for 17 years as a pastor and champion of several ministries at Mariners Church in Irvine, California. He lives in Irvine with his wife Kristen and their two daughters Tessa and Mandy. Chris likes to golf, cook, snowboard, travel and tailgate with his family and friends at UCLA football games.
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