Mission Zero

Rediscovering Why Your Church Exists


So many churches attract people from other churches, but Jesus called us to seek and save the lost. How do we refocus on Jesus’ mission? How do we create evangelistic DNA in our churches and awaken our evangelistic impulse? How do we keep our passion for the lost red hot? And if we do, in what ways will this renewed focus impact our churches This new eBook from pastor and author Vince Antonucci is intended to break your heart over what breaks God’s heart–His wandering children who have yet to come home to their Father. Mission Zero gets at the heart of what you and church are about–and should be about. It’s designed to inspire, challenge and equip you to clearly see why and how the answer to the question “What exactly are we trying to accomplish?” is what Jesus called His core mission on earth–“to seek and save the lost” (Luke 19:10).

Key highlights:

  • Scriptures reinforcing what God intended His church’s “true north” to be
  • Why when churches focus on the “how” (the method or strategy) they easily lose the “why” and their way
  • Scriptural study on compassion reinforcing Jesus’ passion for lost people and the harvest
  • Critical keys to igniting and fanning the flame of evangelism in your church
  • How we find God’s heart for lost people
  • The risks and resistance that come with reaching lost people
  • Six benefits for starting with the “why” instead of the “how”
  • A case study of Antonucci’s Verve church in Las Vegas and how they begin with the “why”
Vince Antonucci
Vince Antonucci became a Christian out of a completely non-Christian background. This led him to start two churches for people who don't like church, most recently Verve, in the heart of Sin City, just off the Las Vegas Strip. He is also the founder of Splagna, an extreme church planting movement to the extremely lost in extreme locations. You can follow him at: @vinceantonucci and www.vinceantonucci.com. Vince is the author of I Became a Christian and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt (2008), and Guerrilla Lovers (2010), and Renegade (2013). He loves spending time with his best friends - his wife Jennifer and kids, Dawson and Marissa.
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