The Crossing Story


Shifted: The Crossing Story is a case study on the steps taken to turn The Crossing Church from the exclusively attractional model to one based on relational discipleship. Harris shows how these changes can take place even in a very large and multi-site church.The eBook explores the steps we took and the necessary order to take them. It points out the challenges we faced in the process and some of the potential pitfalls to watch out for. The eBook would be a great practical help for any church wanting to make the turn to relational discipleship as smoothly and effectively as possible.

Jerry Harris
Jerry Harris is the lead pastor of The Crossing, a multi-site megachurch with locations in Illinois and Missouri. Over the last 13 years under Jerry’s leadership, the church has grown in attendance from 230 to nearly 5,000; from one to six locations; and to 14 worship experiences, causing The Crossing to be named in Outreach Magazine’s 100 Fastest-Growing Churches lists two years in a row. In 2008, Jerry saw the need to shift the church’s focus from attraction to discipleship, which has since created massive positive change and impact. Jerry is the chairman of the board of Care India, a group of more than 200 churches and associated ministries in southeastern India. He is a founding board member of The Solomon Foundation and Relational Discipleship Network. He has authored two books: Micropolitan Church, a model of successful church planting in communities under 50,000; and 50 Days, an interactive study of character development through spiritual disciplines. Jerry and his wife, Allison, have four children, three of whom are in full-time ministry.
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