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Transformational Partnerships: Church to Church

Rob Wegner and Jack Magruder

A supplemental eBook for Missional Moves (Exponential Signature Series, Zondervan)

Making disciples is a team sport. If a local church wants to disciple a neighborhood, community or city, they can’t do it alone. That kind of community transformation will require the local church to partner with other churches. When we say “church-to-church,” we’re not talking about swapping pulpits one weekend a year with a pastor friend. We’re talking about a network of churches, both local and global, working together to impact every domain of society.

They don’t teach you this stuff in seminary. You only learn this through blood, sweat and tears on the frontlines. Granger Community Church has seen thousands move out on mission in redemptive movements locally and globally. From Monroe Circle Community Center, a hub for neighborhood renewal in the inner city, to a movement of more than 1,000 reproducing churches in India that includes more than 120,000 people.

Practical Help for Partnership with Other Churches
In this eBook, you’ll discover hard-fought lessons like:

  • What exactly is church-to-church partnership?
  • How a network of churches can lift an entire community.
  • The danger of pipeline relationships that most local churches fall into.
  • The process of developing a church-to-church partnership.
  • Practical tools we’ve used like community mapping and community-led prioritization. Learning how to build the right foundation for a long-term, high-impact partnership.
  • How to develop specialized teams for customized solutions in each community.
  • How to develop not only an entrance strategy, but also an exit strategy for partnership.

Transformational Partnerships: Church-to-Church is a free supplemental eBook for Missional Moves (Exponential, Zondervan), but can be read on its own. Missional Moves describes 15 tectonic shifts that unleash missional energy and have the power within them to transform churches, communities and the world. These shifts are explored through the compelling story of Granger Community Church, one of America’s best-known attractional churches that is on a 10-year journey toward apostolic movement.

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Rob Wegner
Pastor, Author, Speaker

Rob Wegner served as a teaching pastor at Granger Community Church for 21 years, calling the people of God to get out of their seat and into the Story. Under his leadership, Granger has seen thousands move out into mission, culminating in redemptive movements locally and globally. These ventures include local expressions like Monroe Circle Community Center, a hub for neighborhood renewal in the inner city of South Bend, IN. And a movement of over 1000 reproducing churches in India with over 140,000 reached people.

Jack Magruder
Author, Speaker

Jack Magruder is Director of Life Mission at Granger Community Church. Jack has been on staff with Granger seven years as Rob’s executive officer in helping an attractional church become missional.


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