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Danielle Strickland – The Ministry of Reconciliation

It was twenty years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday. I was invited to speak at a…

Danielle Strickland on Kingdom Building

Danielle Strickland on Kingdom Building [s3mm type="video" s3bucket="expo_video" files="/2018_speaker_promovideos/Danielle_Strickland_Clip.mp4" size="responsive" autoplay="false" /]   Over 60 National Main Stage Speakers Danielle…


Exponential Backstage with Danielle Strickland

Backstage with Albert Tate & Léonce Crump At Exponential 2018 in Orlando, Albert Tate caught up with Danielle Strickland to…

Privilege: What It Is, Why It’s White, and Who It Affects


Matt Chandler Live