Damian is a devoted follower of Jesus Christ, passionate communicator, visionary leader, and pastor. For more than fifteen years, he has reached and developed youth, young adults, and singles locally and nationally through conferences, high impact events, leadership gatherings, and everyday ministry. He has spoken at hundreds of church services, events, conferences, Bible studies, trainings, and meetings since 1995. His life mission is to lead, train, and develop people with the principles, tools, and resources to live significant lives for the Glory of God. In addition to his ministry service in the local church, he also has worked strategically with parachurch organizations and ministries such as iLEAD, Inc., Ivy Jungle, and Passion Conferences. He loves investing in the advancement of the Kingdom of God. In 2010, Damian published his first book, College Impact. The goal of the book is for collegiate Christians to awaken to the full life in Christ and touch the lives of others for the Glory of God. The philosophy is to move our students from "prevent defense" to offense, for we carry the treasure of creation on the inside of us. In 2011, Damian and his family started a new portion of their journey by launching Vertical Church, a family of Jesus followers "on mission" in the urban, college community of Historic West End/Vine City of Atlanta Georgia. Damian serves as the Lead Pastor. With a mission to grow followers of Jesus Christ and equip them for their life mission, this Bible-based church seeks to have an indispensable presence and voice in both the campus and community. Damian and Zarat celebrate 14 years of marriage and over 9 years of raising their son, Damian Jr., a gifted, musical child with complex medical needs. He loves his family deeply.

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Think about the people who've invested in you and helped you become the person you are today. God puts just the right people, at just the right time, in just the right place, to speak just the right things into our lives. Most of us can name at least three hero-makers who've had a profound impact on who we've become.

Here's the cool thing... God intends for each of us to be hero-makers-- people who make heroes of others. Our greatest legacy in eternity will be measured not by what we've done, but instead by the people we've invested in. The key question is this... will we see ourselves as the HERO at the center of our story, or will we be the HEROMAKER of others at the center of God's story?

Multiplication starts in the heart of the leader. It starts with each of us surrendering the "hero complex" to a better way. It requires that we shift from being heroes to becoming hero-makers of others. We must put to death measures of success that require us to win, opting instead to assist others in winning.

HeroMaker Conference

Our Exponential 2018 theme is "HeroMaker." We're addressing five practices that are essential in moving from being heroes to becoming the HeroMakers God intended for us to be. The 5 practices include: Multiplication Thinking, Permission Giving, Disciple Multiplying, Gift Activating, and Kingdom Building

Conference highlights include:

  • Same high-quality theme programming as our national events
  • Designed for teams (24 hour format and special pricing)
  • Convenient locations: 5 cities across the U.S.
  • FREE pre-conference equipping labs
  • 10+ speakers, 5 main sessions
  • 5 essential practices for multiplying leaders
  • 100s of church multiplication leaders
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