FCP 10 | Ben Hardman, Kingdom Dreams Initiative

January 6, 2022


    Is it possible that churches have spent the last twenty years teaching people and training pastors to think about missions, but failing to give them a process built to discover, develop, design, and deploy that mission. We don’t need new ideas, we need a change in production. We need updated factories that are capable of reproducing the dream already inside of each believer. 

    Ben Hardman and Kingdom Dreams Initiative trains pastors and entrepreneurs in that process. The Four Doors, a four part training for churches, helps implement a four step process to find the kingdom dream in the heart of every believer in a church. Not only does the process help articulate those dreams, but it will also turn those dreams into a plan, with a team ready for implementation. 

    Listen to Episode 10 of the podcast and access the show notes below.

    Future Church Insights:

    1. Ben gives some background as to why he felt called to start Kingdom Dreams Initiative

    Ben says he feels called to “ways that we can wreck the roof to get people to Jesus.” So, out of Ephesians 2:10, there is a Kingdom assignment for every follower of Jesus. They have a passion for the priesthood of all believers, and activating and unleashing the Kingdom Dream that’s in the heart of every believer in the church.

    2. Ben gives insight into the process that Kingdom Dreams Initiative uses

    They start with a six-month cohort/incubator every year, where they gather leaders and take them through all four parts of the Launch Sequence. Next, leaders walk through a design sprint that helps them launch their project. Then, they will do some online coaching with Ocean and gather once a month. Kingdom Dreams Initiative holds Launch Labs every month, where they bring in thought leaders from around the world, to help stir up inspiration and action.

    3. Ben talks about the hope of having other churches create something similar

    Ben says it would make an impact if every church in America had an incubator, where they were raising up Kingdom leaders, to go out into the workforce to make a difference in the world.

    Goals and Desired Outcomes of Kingdom Dreams Initiative

    1. Launch 100 Dream Factory churches teaching and training in the dream factory methodology
    2. Watch thousands of new kingdom dreams launched in these communities
    3. 10 pastors and 10 entrepreneurs signed up for first official rounds of cohorts 
    4. Develop Hybrid coaching model for the pastor and entrepreneur with a busy life – In person coaching, video coaching and retreat model



    More of a reader? Download the transcription here.

    Key Quotes from the episode from Ben Hardman:

    “But, the idea is there’s a Kingdom Dream that’s unlocked inside of all of you and we want to help unleash and unlock that. And, get it out into the world.” (05:29)

    “The only way that I know how to make disciples is long obedience in the same direction and it’s to actually do the work. Often times, we think that discipleship is just cognitive, it’s just knowing. But, it actually is so much about doing, and it’s about learning along the way and action.” (09:44)

    “One of the things that’s been so fun for us, locally and here in the Grace family, is so many of our entrepreneurs and dreamers have just started saying things like, “I’ve never had the church care about what I do on my own time, apart from what I’m doing on Sunday. The invitation has always been to help me build the church, rather than you guys helping us build our dreams and helping us launch our things.” (11:27)

    “And, if we want to talk about a real exponential move of discipleship, man, start dreaming of what happens when every person in your congregation awakens to their dream and starts living into that calling.” (15:26)

    “I think scripture talks about it, “moving from glory to glory.” We move from one thing to another. I don’t think our Kingdom assignment is static and I don’t think it lasts for a lifetime. I think it’s changing as we change, it evolves as we evolve. I think our context plays a huge part in it. Who are our relationships, where has God placed us? I really believe in just bloom where you’re planted. Wherever God has placed you, what are the opportunities that are there?” (18:10)

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