Five Practical Prayers to Equip Your Members for Their Personal Mission Field

October 30, 2023

Are your members equipped for the personal mission? Many of us tried turning our churches into evangelistic “fishing ponds.” That didn’t work. We taught our members to invite others to church instead of equipping them to go and make disciples. So, let’s turn our equip our members as “spiritual archaeologists” uncovering treasure in the people around them. The goal is to embolden ordinary Christ-followers to enter and explore friendships among the 70 percent of Americans no longer interested in Christianity. If you are looking for a simple, practical and profound way to grow your church on mission, this is the episode for you.


Evangelism Series // Week 5

Speakers: Ralph Moore

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Ralph Moore

Ralph Moore

Ralph Moore is the founding pastor of three churches which grew into the Hope Chapel movement now numbering more than 2,300 churches worldwide. These are the offspring of the 70+ congregations launched from Ralph’s hands-on disciplemaking efforts. He currently serves as “church multiplication catalyzer” for Exponential. In addition to this, he travels the globe, teaching church multiplication to pastors in startup movements. He has authored several books, including Making DisciplesHow to Multiply Your ChurchStarting a New Church, Defeating Anxiety, and Let Go of the Ring: The Hope Chapel Story. Catch his blog at
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