Frontlines Episode 17 – Launching Your 501(c)3 Church or Ministry

January 12, 2021


Join us for Episode 17 with host Peyton Jones as he interviews the InstantNonprofit team about Launching your 501c3 Church or Ministry.

Is your ministry or church in the works, but not yet incorporated as a distinct legal entity with 501c3 tax-exempt status? We’ll cover important questions about the best timing to make the “big leap” to formalizing your paperwork and delve into some distinctions specific to faith-based organizations.

The Frontlines program seeks to encourage and equip pastors and planters to better understand and navigate the current and future trends in church ministry. Hosted by veteran church multiplication leaders, each episode invites thought leaders and advanced practitioners in ministry to inform and inspire pastors and planters as they continue in day-to-day ministry.

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