The following is a guest blog post by Larry Osborne, one of the Senior Pastors at North Coast Church in Vista, California and the Founder of the North Coast Training Network. Larry is one of our 50+ speakers at the Exponential Regionals this fall:

Leading as a Kingdom Builder
Over the years I’ve learned one thing about genuine kingdom builders. Though they come in all sizes and shapes, with diverse ministry strategies that at times can seem to be antithetical, they all have one thing in common: They understand and believe at the core of their being that it’s all about The King and His kingdom, not their castle or personal fame.
To move the needle from a castle mentality to a kingdom mentality, we’ll have to do more than just change the scorecard from attendance to multiplication – we’ll have to let the Lord change our hearts. If all we do is change the scorecard, we’ll end up with multiplying churches, but only so long as we get the credit for doing so.
Frankly, it’s easy to have a kingdom mindset as long as we’re talking about a ministry that is overseas, 45 minutes away, or a campus that has my name and brand tattooed on it. But what about the church plant that shows up across the street with someone else’s name and brand? What about the church on the other side of town that begins to grow rapidly? What about when some of “my” people start going to “their” church?
Am I still as kingdom minded then? Frankly, I find that most of us talk like Barnabas (we’re big on empowering). But if David shows up, it’s not long until we start to think and act like King Saul.
So here’s some questions that I often ask myself.
Has the Lord changed my heart? Or have I just changed my scorecard?
Is it still all about me and my legacy? Or is it all about Him and His glory?
Am I as willing to help out and as excited about kingdom multiplication when it’s someone else’s pipeline, name, and ministry as I am when it’s my own?

To truly see the kind of kingdom multiplication we all desire, we have to start with the heart. It can’t just be a new strategy or a new scorecard. We have to become new leaders, no longer conforming to the values of this world, but instead transformed by the renewing and aligning our minds and values with our Lord’s mind and values.

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Think about the people who've invested in you and helped you become the person you are today. God puts just the right people, at just the right time, in just the right place, to speak just the right things into our lives. Most of us can name at least three hero-makers who've had a profound impact on who we've become.

Here's the cool thing... God intends for each of us to be hero-makers-- people who make heroes of others. Our greatest legacy in eternity will be measured not by what we've done, but instead by the people we've invested in. The key question is this... will we see ourselves as the HERO at the center of our story, or will we be the HEROMAKER of others at the center of God's story?

Multiplication starts in the heart of the leader. It starts with each of us surrendering the "hero complex" to a better way. It requires that we shift from being heroes to becoming hero-makers of others. We must put to death measures of success that require us to win, opting instead to assist others in winning.

HeroMaker Conference

Our Exponential 2018 theme is "HeroMaker." We're addressing five practices that are essential in moving from being heroes to becoming the HeroMakers God intended for us to be. The 5 practices include: Multiplication Thinking, Permission Giving, Disciple Multiplying, Gift Activating, and Kingdom Building

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