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A Sermon Series to Help People Discover Their Calling

June 20, 2019

Ron Edmondson

CEO | Leadership Network

At the beginning of each year, but also scattered throughout the year, as a pastor I tried to do a series of messages that were practical and challenging for people to understand what to do with their faith. I wanted the people in my church to live their lives intentionally in a way that “makes disciples.” One of the most practical series I did was More, based on the book by Todd Wilson of Exponential. Since then I have recommended it to dozens of pastors as something they should also consider. That’s why I am excited that Exponential is offering a Church Wide Campaign around More! As a pastor knowing their is a place for me to get sermon and small group resources, sermon series artwork and videos, an assessment tool to see where my church needs to focus our attention on personal calling, as well as tools to equip my elders and staff is exciting.
Let me give you 4 reasons you need the  More Church Wide Campaign:

It’s helpful.

Coming up with good material is tough. While I did not want to do it every time, it was helpful when something was already packaged in a way that was easily implemented. This takes so much of the guesswork out of things. For a series or two a year I relied on someone else to have discerned the Spirit of God first. Obviously, we need to be careful that we are teaching good material, and I always told the church I never used a book as the basis of a series. The Bible was our basis for everything, but when you know and can trust the resource, this way of building a series is valuable to busy pastors.

It’s great material.

More is well-written, convicting and practical. Todd writes in a very readable way. While it is certainly helpful for pastors, we found it resonated with our church and many of them purchased and read the book during the series. You can buy the book here. The easy-to-apply format BE – DO – GO made it simple to put into a three or four part series and supplement as we needed with other resources around it. In addition to the book, however, there are tons of great resources already provided for the church to use with the book. Download the church wide campaign here

It’s intentional.

I have spent much of my leadership life encouraging people simply to “do something”. If you want to lose weight you can research 100’s of diets, but you want likely see the scales change until you eat less and/or exercise more. Most pastors I know would encourage their church attendees to live missional lives, but they are at a loss for how to actually equip them to do so. It most likely won’t happen without an intentional effort. MORE helps you get there.

It works. 

I love looking through the Facebook memories every day. At this point I am mostly looking for last year’s memories of my granddaughter, but occasionally I am reminded of something God has done in our ministry. Just this week a memory popped up from where I preached about missional living. I was tagged in a post from a young couple who were moving to another city to be a part of a church plant. They got their encouragement from this series. Being intentional works. MORE helps you get there.

If I were pastor at a church today I would, without hesitation, incorporate MORE in to my sermon series planning.

Click HERE to check out the FREE Made for More Church Campaign Kit, containing sermon series videos, notes, small group guides, and much more!

Ron Edmondson is the CEO of Leadership Network. Ron has had a varied career with experience in corporate retail management, as an entrepreneur, small business owner, church planter, and senior pastor of a large, very historic established church. He has also served in an elected public office and on dozens of non-profit boards. In each season, God has molded his heart, as well as his professional experience.  He loves the local church, church leaders and serving them to maximize their impact on a community and culture. This position uniquely allows him to combine his experience with his passions.

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