Brian Sanders

Brian is the founder and Executive Director of the Underground Network, a new form of church designed and empowered for mission. A serial entrepreneur, Brian has helped to start hundreds of missional enterprises, including churches, non-profits, and businesses all over the world. Based in Tampa, the Underground now has movement hubs in 10 cities and 5 countries.

Brian holds a degree in communication from the University of Florida, a Masters Degree from the University of South Florida in Religious Studies and a Masters in Applied Theology from Spurgeon’s College, University of Wales. He lives in Tampa, Florida with his wife Monica and their six children.


October 10, 2022

LNP14 | The Phases of a Microchurch Leader

Guest: Brian Sanders If we do not know to whom we have been sent, we will never become effective disciple-makers. If we do not make...

April 4, 2022

On Calling and the Missionary Life

The Fulcrum of the Missionary Life Calling is the fulcrum of the missionary life. Balancing on one side the Lordship and utter worthiness of Jesus...

January 4, 2018

Brian Sanders on The Networked Church

Editor’s Note:  Brian Sanders is a long time friend of Exponential and will be speaking at the 2018 Exponential Conference on the 7 critical shifts...

January 2, 2018

7 Critical Shifts for Moving Beyond Mega and Multisite

We will need to shift to being agile, creation-oriented networks that unleash the potential every believer is desiring to live out. Editor’s Note:  Brian Sanders,...