Hugh Halter

Founder, Lantern Network

Hugh Halter and Cheryl, as well as their children and truckload of grandchildren, all live in Alton, Illinois. They have been missionaries in North America for more than 30 years. They’ve planted two churches and, in 2016, founded Lantern Network in Alton, Illinois.

Lantern Network is a kingdom ecosystem committed to incubating good works and benevolent businesses to bless the city. Hugh speaks extensively across the globe, encouraging innovative forms of church and, when home, loves to help Cheryl run Rí Beag Refuge, an equine therapy farm.

Hugh is a leading missional voice, authoring such books as The Tangible Kingdom, AND: The Gathered and Scattered Church, Flesh, and, most recently, the Life as Mission Series, which seeks to equip Christians to live the missionary life of Jesus in their everyday context.

His mission is to encourage the church to be less churchy and instead work on creating social, personal, and spiritual ventures that serve our cities in ways that make God smile.

Hugh also co-founded Brave Cities, a consulting agency that catalyzes the building of kingdom ecosystems as a new form of church.

You can find Hugh and these resources at or


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