Calling’s Way

The Art of Guiding Others to Live Their Unique Mission


We all wrestle with the same daunting questions about our lives: Why am I here? Do I have a unique, God-created role to play in His Kingdom during my lifetime? If so, how do I discover what it is? Calling’s Way charts out the process one goes through to fully discover, experience and optimize their God-given calling in their lifetime. It’s written to leaders in the church who have a desire to understand this process and guide others through it. If any organization should creatively integrate this kind of understanding and guidance into helping people, it’s the church. Calling’s Way is written from the author’s experience of facilitating more than 600 one-on-one, two-day LifePlan sessions over the past 20 years.

Pete Richardson
Over the past 21 years, Pete Richardson has worked with a variety of non-profit and business organizations, ranging from start-ups to multi-national entities. He was vice president of communications and creative services at Promise Keepers for 10 years, senior consultant to numerous book authors for Yates & Yates, LLC in Orange, Calif., for two years, president of Convergence Planning for the past 10 years, and lead trainer and content developer for the Paterson Center for the past seven years. Peter was the fifth employee hired by Promise Keepers in 1991 and helped develop the event platform’s message, including theme selection, program development, speaker selection and program integration. He also led the publishing and video production teams and media and public relations entities for the ministry through the 1990s. In 2000, he worked with a variety of Christian and business leadership authors as a message development consultant and publishing plan writer for Yates & Yates, LLC. In 2002, he formed Convergence Planning, a strategic facilitation service focused on helping individuals and leadership teams focus, plan and execute. He was the president of the Paterson Center for two years and is now leading the Paterson legacy classes that train and equip upper level executives and church leaders in the LifePlan and Paterson StratOp Processes.
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