Church Different

Unleashing the Church to Change the World


What if the good things we’re doing in ministry keep us from accomplishing great things? What if getting better means doing church different?

Jesus’ heart breaks for the hopelessness which surrounds us, but people no longer look to the church for answers. Improving church programs is not enough. We need a complete paradigm shift. Otherwise the trend will continue, and vibrant churches will cease to exist, losing a spiritual presence in society. As research shows, only 2 in 10 Americans under 30 believe attending a church is important or worthwhile. As a result, many churches in America have closed their doors. Without conversion growth, the outlook for the church in America is not good—unless something different happens.

Church Different: Unleashing the Church to Change the World sounds the urgent call for pastors, leaders, and Christians to be and do church different. It’s not about getting better; it’s about getting different. And that starts by getting out of the seats and into the streets. When a church takes interest in the community, the community takes interest in the church. Faith is unleashed when the church gets past the comfortable and intentionally demonstrates love and inspires hope, bringing real change to lives trapped in darkness.

Leaving behind a lucrative career in engineering to plant a church and nonprofit mission, Ron Dotzler shares profound insights learned through over two decades of life in the inner city. The practical applications in Church Different are designed to cultivate a church culture and structure that impacts a lost and dying world without Christ.

Ron Dotzler
For 8 years out of college, Ron worked as a successful Chemical Engineer in the computer industry. In 1988 he, his wife Twany, and their family moved into the inner city community of north Omaha and founded ABIDE, a 501(c)3 non-profit inner city mission. Ron is Pastor, Author, Entrepreneur, Founder and Chairman of ABIDE and the Founding Pastor of Bridge Church. God has used Ron and Twany to reach, raise and release over 150 emerging leaders, facilitate in the start-up of 28 non-profit ministries as well as several new church plants. As a biracial couple, Ron and Twany have 14 children. Their favorite scripture verse is, "be fruitful and multiply"! God has used Ron and Twany to build a powerful church and dynamic inner city mission. Ron has served as a coach and consultant to many churches and non-profit ministries on a local, national and global basis. Ron's passion is to see "a beautiful church transforming a broken world"! To stay up-to-date on Ron's books, Out of the Seats and into the Streets and Church Different: Unleashing the Church to Change the World, or to request Ron as a speaker or consultant, please email or visit
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