Collaboration for Multiplication

The Story of the Houston Church Planting Network


What happens when  churches from diverse denominations come together with a vision to join forces to reach the fourth-largest U.S. city? In this insightful new eBook from Exponential, Bruce Wesley, founder of the Houston Church Planting Network, shares how collaboration has meant everything to this effort to multiply churches throughout the Greater Houston area. Wesley also offers the invaluable lessons they’re learning about working together to reach a city. In the last five years, HCPN has come together to strengthen church planters and pray for their city as well as found the HCPN Church Planting Residency, a yearlong finishing school for planters. The residency is a collaborative work of a dozen diverse churches that come together to fund, train and support church planters they hope will become movement leaders in Houston. Download your FREE copy of Collaboration for Multiplication.

Key takeaways:

  • A candid exploration of the tension between addition (growing your church) and multiplication (planting churches)
  • The importance of prioritizing church planting, including setting aside funds for it
  • The process by which Wesley’s Clear Creek Community Church became Kingdom-minded
  • The benefits and learning curves of being part of a national church-planting network
  • Why the renewal of gospel centrality was essential to the founding of HCPN
  • Specific language for casting vision for a citywide church-planting movement
  • How collaboration built a church-planting residency program
  • Five essentials for collaboration
  • How HCPN has navigated nine specific tensions (“Whose church plant is this?”; keeping leaders vs. releasing leaders; networks vs. partnerships, etc.).
  • The importance of story over strategy
  • Why “showing up” is vital, especially for leaders who aren’t good networkers.
  • What can happen when you share the mic with other leaders
Bruce Wesley
Bruce is the founding and senior pastor of Clear Creek Community Church and founder and president of the Houston Church Planting Network. The Houston Church Planting Network is a network of networks, made up of church planters, future church planters, network and denominational leaders, business leaders, and leaders from existing churches committed to church planting—all who love the city of Houston and want to see new churches planted that proclaim and demonstrate the gospel to every Houstonian.
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