Unleashing a River of Multiplication in Your Church, City and World


Your church can flow! It can reproduce itself! The first command still stands: Be fruitful and multiply. Most churches have settled for some kind of fruitfulness and ignored multiplying. There is nothing more “Kingdom expanding” and personally rewarding than seeing your church multiply. Sadly, only a tiny percentage of churches will experience the thrill of multiplying. Most are convinced the dream of multiplying is beyond them. Not so. In this FREE eBook, church-planting leader, pastor and author Larry Walkemeyer shares the amazing and transforming story of how their urban church that still only has 39 parking spaces has become a multiplication center touching thousands. He identifies the key hurdles and heart issues Light & Life Fellowship in Long Beach, California, had to overcome to move from being a “Lake” church to a “River” church that “flows.” Walkemeyer is convinced that any healthy church can multiply and that the mission of God depends on churches that “Flow.”

Key Highlights:

  • The miraculous story of Light & Life Fellowship moving from survival, to addition, to a multiplication movement impacting the world
  • The key principles that must be understood and embraced to transition a church culture from “good” ministry to “multiplication” ministry
  • The powerful scriptural and practical explanation of how to move from being a “Lake” church to a “River” church that brings life wherever it flows
  • The painful disappointments and setbacks that will occur along the journey of transitioning your church
  • Identifying 15 big “dams” that can stop the flow of a “River” church
  • Facing the six real fears, which keep pastors from pursuing multiplication
  • Discovering the three areas of personal growth that will empower your church to start multiplying
Larry Walkemeyer

Larry Walkemeyer serves as Strategic Catalyst for Multiplication for Free Methodist USA to encourage the multiplication of disciples, leaders, and churches nationally. He is also Global Pastor for Light & Life Church, a multiplying, multi-ethnic church he and his wife Deb have led for the past thirty years. Larry also is Director of Equipping and Spiritual Engagement for Exponential. He holds a Doctor of Ministry and has authored several books.

Larry and Dr. Deb Walkemeyer have been married since 1978 and they write and speak frequently on marriage. They have two adult daughters. Larry enjoys snow skiing, waterskiing, biking, mission trips and long walks on the beach.

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