Saturating Austin

A Strategy as Big as YOUR City!


Saturating Austin: A Strategy as Big as Your City!

What if a church believed its mission was more than becoming bigger and better every year? That its vision should encompass a responsibility for every single person in its city and take complete responsibility for the lostness of the city? And what if a church believed that this would be impossible unless they lived out the high priestly prayer of Jesus who asked a radical thing of the church?

This vision that Hill Country Bible Church Austin leaders have embraced has taken the church on an unexpected journey from addition growth to multiplication growth. In the new eBook from Tim Hawks and John Herrington–leaders of the Hill Country church-planting network that has birthed 28 churches in Austin, Texas, and surrounding areas–we get an inside look at how Hill County Austin became a church-planting church. Clearly, the authors love the city where they live and minister, as they write about the city itself, what’s happening spiritually in Austin, those who are making it happen and most importantly how you can adapt what you’re doing to multiply their strategy for your own city!

Key highlights:
  • How Hill Country Austin became a church-planting church
  • The importance of leaders who embrace the vision
  • How Hill Country churches partner with other churches and networks saturate and reach Austin
  • 11 multiplication tensions Hill Country has navigated to become a church-planting church and coach church plants
  • The top 5 lessons Hill Country leaders have learned on the journey to multiply and saturate the Austin with gospel-centered churches
  • The five metrics Hill Country leaders have identified for becoming a church-planting church
Tim Hawks
Tim Hawks has served as the Lead Pastor of Hill Country Bible Church Austin for over 30 years which, by God’s grace and faithful provision, has formed the Association of Hill Country Churches and planted 39 churches in the Greater Austin area. He has been instrumental in founding and shaping Christ Together - a citywide and nationwide cooperative movement of churches and kingdom leaders across denominations and throughout major cities – unifying the church to saturate their cities with the love of Jesus. Tim has also enjoyed training international church planters, serving on the Board of EastWest Ministries International, and collaborating with Exponential to develop multiplying churches. Tim and his wife Cindy have 5 adult children and 4 grandchildren. As a couple, they are personally committed to saturating Greater Austin with the love of Jesus — knowing and serving their neighbors and taking the time to build strong community and relationships through small groups and discipleship.
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John Herrington
John Herrington serves as the Senior Executive Pastor of Hill Country Bible Church Austin. With almost 30 years of ministry experience, John most recently directed the Church Plant Training Center at Hill Country. During his seven years serving in that capacity, the church increased its number of plants in Greater Austin from three to 27. John’s previous experience in campus ministry, church planting and as a lead pastor reflects his lifelong desire to engage people far from God. John helps lead a thriving church community with the vision of reaching every man, woman and child in Greater Austin with the life-changing reality of Jesus Christ. He also serves as an associate with Christ Together Greater Austin, part of a national network of churches whose aim it is to reach the most heavily populated cities in the U.S. with the gospel. John studied English Literature at Baylor University and Theology at Southwestern Baptist Seminary. He has been married to Angela, a university level mathematics instructor, for 38 years. They have four grown children and three grandchildren dispersed between Omaha, Austin, Boston and Dallas. John considers himself a boring man who likes to read a lot but doesn’t and hates to work out but does. He is older than he looks and smarter than he sounds.
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