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Why Disciplemaking is the Key to Church Planting

This blog article is a collaboration between Ralph Moore, Exponential's Multiplication Catalyst and founder of the Hope Chapel Movement, and…

Making Disciple Makers

[s3mm type="video" s3bucket="ExpoTraining" files="2017 East/Bobby Harrington.mp4" /]   In this training video from Exponential East 2017, Bobby Harrington talks about…


Becoming a Disciple Maker

A Discipleship.org 2017 Theme Book - Available Now! In this new book, Exponential’s discipleship curator and Discipleship.org’s co-founder Bobby Harrington joins with…


Discipleship in a Local Church Context | Bobby Harrington

Discipleship is the core mission of the local church. - Bobby Harrington Disciple-making should be established in a church plant…


The Key to Multiplication | Bobby Harrington & Ralph Moore

In this video from Exponential East 2016, Bobby Harrington and Ralph Moore discuss how disciple-making has enabled Ralph Moore to…

Conversion as a Commitment to Salvation and Discipleship

How we call people to salvation is coupled with how we call them to discipleship - Bobby Harrington In this…


Robert Coleman: What Planters Can Learn From Jesus’ Discipleship Method

Dr. Robert Coleman set the standard for discipleship and evangelism in the 20th century when he wrote the watershed book…


Healthy Rhythms

for Leaders


By Winfield Bevins

& Mark Dunwoody