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Together with God

Learning and living Jesus’ John 17 prayer can radically transform your life and ministry. Together with God explains why. In John…

Together with Family

What level of “oneness” are you working toward in your marriage? This is the critical question for all couples, especially…


The Mobilization Flywheel

The Mobilization Flywheel provides a fresh framework for church leaders to create a culture of Biblical mobilization.  As one of the…


Made for More Visual Guide

Exponential introduced 3 new multiplication frameworks for its 2019 theme year.  These frameworks focus on helping church leaders mobilize God's…


What Level Is Your Marriage?

A Level 5 marriage is a steady “wind behind your back” relationship that empowers both of you to go further…

Aspiring to the False Summit of Level 3 Addition Addiction?

I’ve had times in my life where I’ve fought the good fight, sacrificed, and persevered, with my eyes on the…


Beyond 4

This new book, Beyond 4: Leading Your Church Toward Level 5 Multiplication, is the second book in Exponential’s “Multiplication Pathways”…

One Gathering, One Purpose | Exponential

Looking back on Exponential East, I'm still blown away by this gathering of men and women committed to seeing God's…


Launching with a Multiplication Vision (Part 2)

Vision is a passionate desire that helps dictate your daily decisions. Multiplication is rare, but Larry Walkemeyer explains that the…


Launching with a Multiplication Vision (Part 1)

When we plant a church, we should plant it with the same kind of vision that Jesus had when He…


Growing Fire | Larry Walkemeyer | Exponential

Daily are you adding firewood to this sacrifice of ministry that you are making? - Larry Walkemeyer Drawing from four…

“Play Thuno” – The World-Changing Multiplication Game

God invites every church to learn to “play-thuno” (the Greek word for “multiply”). How do you build a passion for…

Lessons from Washington


Shawn Lovejoy and Todd Wilson