Unlocking the Magic of Disciple-Making in the Heart of Disney

A Multiplier Story with Steven Barr

March 19, 2024

Our 2024 big idea is pushing forward to see a return to disciple-making in our churches, communities, and subcultures of our society. To see a return to disciple-making, we believe it will be catalyze by Multipliers who are healthy disciple-making leaders how champion reproduction.

Principles and strategies are essential, yet nothing compares to a real-life account of a Multiplier who is witnessing movement for disciple-making within an extraordinary, some might even say magical, context. Dive into an enlightening conversation from the Exponential Global 2024 Livestream backstage interview featuring Steven Barr, the visionary behind Cast Member Church. Steven unveils his journey of disciple-making in the context of Disney parks and sheds light on the unexpected ways of God. Brace yourself for inspiration as you uncover intriguing links between faith and the magic of Disney!

Moments of Inspiration

As you watch the full conversation, you’ll be captivated by the passion and dedication that Steven Barr brings to his disciple-making ministry. Here are some moments that will surely inspire you:

“Seeing someone who has absolutely no Christian background, never touched a Bible, never even graced the threshold of a church, and watching a light bulb come on. Maybe not to the whole salvation story, but watching Jesus, little by little, break through to them.”

It’s incredible to witness the transformative power of Jesus as He reveals His love and value to individuals who have never experienced it before.

“We’re a network of what we call communities designed to multiply. 95% of our church had never touched a Bible before encountering us.”

This unique approach to church planting challenges traditional notions of church gatherings. Steven emphasizes the importance of intentional multiplication and celebrating the moments of life transformation that happen within close-knit communities. It’s a reminder that disciple-making happens not just in formal settings but also in the everyday moments of life.

Disney Nuggets and Disciple-Making Principles

In addition to the inspiring stories, this conversation also offers some fascinating insights into the world of Disney and intersections of disciple-making. Here are a few Disney nuggets and disciple-making principles you’ll discover:

  • Steven’s connection to Disney began when he became a cast member in 1991. The unique camaraderie and shared passion among Disney employees inspired him to start something that would serve the cast members spiritually.
  • Cast members, regardless of their role within the Disney company, are considered part of a show and are referred to as “cast members.” This inclusive terminology reflects the sense of community that Cast Member Church fosters.
  • The microchurches within Cast Member Church range from three to eight or nine people, emphasizing the value of intimacy and personal connection in multiplying disciples.
  • The church focuses on contextualizing the language and vocabulary used to share the gospel.
  • Cast Member Church embraces the idea of doing life together. While there are specific times for intentional Bible study and spiritual conversations, disciple-making is not confined to a once-a-week gathering. They encourage disciples to engage with faith in their workplaces, homes, and even coffee shops.

This conversation will take you on a journey through the joys and challenges of disciple-making in a unique context. It showcases the transformative power of intentional relationships, contextualized language, and a commitment to walking alongside individuals as they discover their value in Christ.

So sit back and prepare to be inspired as you watch the full conversation embedded above. Get ready to unlock the magic of Steven Barr’s disciple-making ministry in the heart of Disney!

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Jason Stewart

Jason Stewart

Jason ‘Stew’ Stewart catalyzes movement for The 16% Mission as the Executive Director of Mobilization at Exponential, where he bridges the gap between vision, strategy, and implementation, leading initiatives to effectively mobilize multipliers. His relational and strategic approach has allowed Jason to lead in diverse ministry settings, criss-crossing the nation four times along the way in planting, multi, and mega environments. Jason and his wife Kelly guide their Stew Crew of six from the Nashville area made up of two daughters in college, a son graduating from high school, and their adopted son in middle school.
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