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A Community With a Cause | Todd Wilson

April 6, 2017

By Todd Wilson

If you’re like most church leaders I know, you’re deep into preparations for what will likely be your most highly attended weekend of the year. Instinctively, you know there is an opportunity to be stewarded that will shape your attendance for the rest of the year. Easter simultaneously brings out the best, and possibly worst, of our personal and corporate scorecards and motives.

Easter is a time when the tension of comparison tends to stealthily strike. You know you’ll soon be hearing about the attendance numbers of local churches around you, as well as national megachurches that draw tens of thousands to stadium events. You may find yourself thinking, I want a bigger church.

More than any time in the year, the answer to the question, “Whose kingdom am I building?” reveals the true desires and motive of our hearts. The tensions are real.

That’s why mission is so important. When the tensions swarm, mission keeps us focused on the greater goal. When your mission is about building God’s Kingdom, not your own, this becomes your priority and cause. Being part of a community with the same cause and values only strengthens and empowers us to stay bent on Jesus’ commission to His Church.

When the tensions swarm, mission keeps us focused on the greater goal.


I urge you to join the multiplication conversation and be part of the growing movement we call the “4 to 10 mission.” Right now, less than 4 percent of churches in the United States are multiplying. We have the critical mass to see that number increase to a tipping point of 10 percent. If we make this change, we could actually be looking at a turning point in the American Church and ultimately, see more people find Christ. Each 1 percent increase in churches multiplying literally makes the difference in where millions of people will spend their eternities. There’s great power in knowing you’re part of a movement that’s charging the gates of hell together.

As you spend this week preparing for Easter, I encourage you to take a few minutes to watch this short, inspiring, video with Dave Ferguson as he unpacks the potential impact we can make as a community with a cause, and then ask yourself:

Is the church I’m planting or leading going to be about my Kingdom or God’s?

Is this church going to be about how many seats we can fill or how many people we can send out?

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We’ll be talking about this mission at the upcoming Exponential East conference (April 24-27 in Orlando). I can think of no other place that gives you the opportunity to be surrounded by thousands of leaders focused on the cause and call of multiplying Jesus’ Church—leaders who are intentionally resolving to be about God’s Kingdom first.

I’d love to see you and your team there.

Focused on the “4-10,”


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