Lean Start-Up (Part 1 of 2) | Eric Swanson | Exponential

Seven concepts of the lean start-up

December 22, 2016

Many ‘leap of faith’ assumptions can be tested before you ever spend a dime on launching a church. – Eric Swanson

In this training video, Eric Swanson introduces seven concepts that you need to know about lean start-ups – launching a church on a budget. Eric bases his teachings on his experiences working with businesses and his desire to see church starts be successful.

Seven Concepts of the Lean Start-up:

  1. Leap of faith assumptions
  2. Minimum viable product
  3. Split testing
  4. Validated learning
  5. Build/measure/learn cycle
  6. Actionable metrics
  7. Pivot

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Eric has a passion for engaging churches worldwide in the needs and dreams of their communities toward the end of spiritual and societal transformation. He served with Cru for twenty-five years before linking arms with Leadership Network where he has lead initiatives for externally focused churches, global missions, marriage ministry, and ministry creativity.

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