Bill Hull

Bill Hull is a writer and discipleship evangelist calling the Church to choose the life Jesus calls His disciples to. Bill has written numerous books on this subject (including the watershed works The Disciple Making Pastor and The Disciple Making Church) and spent 20 years working it out as a pastor.


March 18, 2020

Should a Christian Leader Flee from a Deadly Plague? 

The below article was written by pastor and author Bill Hull, and is re-posted here with permission from The Bonhoeffer Project. The above question [Should...

January 26, 2017

Making Disciples | Bill Hull | Exponential

Disciples are the kind of people that are going to change the world. In this training video from Exponential West 2015, Bill Hull talks about...

December 13, 2016

Discipleship Lifestyle | Bill Hull | Exponential

“Everyone who is called to salvation is also called to discipleship – no exceptions; no excuses.” – Bill Hull In this video, Bill Hull declares that,...