Discipling Skeptics And Seekers

Why Every Believer Needs to Share Their Faith


“If we are serious about the Great Commission and making disciples, then we need to be serious about evangelism because evangelism is the discipleship of skeptics and seekers of Jesus,” say InterVarsity ministry leaders Beau Crosetto and James Choung. This book helps leaders understand two things: (1) Why every believer needs to be doing evangelism and leading people to faith; and (2) How you can create a culture of witness in your church or faith community. For too long we were pressuring people, and now we have become passive in evangelism. Crosetto and Choung say the time is now to seek a third and better way!

Key highlights:

  • Inspiring stories of people leading others to faith in Christ.
  • The difference between pressure, passive and proactive evangelism.
  • Why the church has become more passive in its approach to evangelism.
  • Four insightful reasons why we need to disciple skeptics and seekers.
  • Why evangelism is “the discipleship of skeptics and seekers.”
  • The role of the gifted evangelist in the Great Commission.
  • Four rhythms that will help you create a culture of discipling skeptics and seekers in your church.
  • What it means to be a “God watcher.”
  • Specific, real-life examples of how the authors have initiated spiritual conversations, interpreted God moments, and invited people to respond to Jesus.
Beau Crosetto
Beau Crosetto loves starting new things for God in difficult places. He is the Greater Los Angeles Director for Greek InterVarsity, in charge of seeing "witnessing communities" start in every fraternity and sorority in Greater LA. His new evangelism book Beyond Awkward will be released this October through IVP. Beau is married to Kristina and has two kids, Noah and Sophia.
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James Choung
James Choung has been involved in campus ministries for over 18 years, empowering rising generations of Kingdom world-changers. He currently serves as InterVarsity's national director of evangelism, and also leads a missional community called the Vineyard Underground. He has written True Story: A Christianity Worth Believing In and its follow-up, Real Life: A Christianity Worth Living Out.
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