Enough Already

How Simply Silence and a God-Centered Approach to Scripture Fosters Discipleship


We all know we should read our Bibles, that finding time for a bit of silence and solitude is good for the soul. But how many people are actually doing it?

In this free resource, author Emily Lawyer introduces us to a God-centered discipleship process that has proven effective with both men and women. Instead of focusing on what a passage of Scripture means to our lives, Lawyer’s process turns it around, encouraging participants to ask, “What does this Scripture make me appreciate about God?” Eventually, 80 percent of men and women in her church became involved in a small group using this uncomplicated approach and, Lawyer says, grew excited about reading the Bible. “On their own, they were uncovering and internalizing profound truths,” she writes.

The book features two sections. Section one details the reasons for solitude and need to center our thoughts on who God truly is while section two is written specifically to guide anyone in vocational ministry interested in implementing this approach and includes a more detailed description of the process and how it plays out in a church setting.

Every church planter should consider this small group/discipleship process. Simple, scalable, repeatable and laser-focused on engaging Scripture in a way that encourages a deepening relationship with God.

Emily Lawyer
Originally from small-town IN, Emily Lawyer is now a two-time veteran of church plants in the Washington DC area. She is fiercely in love with her Savior, and has a passion to make God’s love more accessible to people caught in the midst of life’s chaos.
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