The Question That Changed My Life

How Planting Life-Giving Churches Became Our Direction


What are the questions that have changed your life? For Jeff Leake, president of the Reach Northeast church planting network, the question that changed his life—and the lives of thousands–came in November of 1996. In this FREE resource, the third in Exponential’s new series focusing on church multiplication, Leake shares the story of why and how he has led Allison Park Church to become a multiplication center that to date has been involved with the planting of 38 churches throughout the Northeast.

Leake also takes readers on a transparent journey as he identifies the primary tensions he and Allison Park wrestled with as they planted one church after another. “As soon as we decided to step out and plant our first church, I felt the pull of fear on my soul,” Leake admits.

  • What if everyone leaves our church and goes with the church planter?
  • What if our larger givers leave and I’m left with nothing but bills?
  • What will happen if my attendance drops?
  • What will my peers think of me if I pastor a smaller church than I did before?

As he faced those fears head-on and Allison Park obeyed and stayed its course of multiplication, God’s provision continued to come. The Question That Changed My Life offers needed reminders that God is passionate about bringing the lost to Him; that His rescue plan is accomplished through the multiplication of the church; and that when we listen to His burden, we get the opportunity to be part of His mission.

Key highlights:

  • The inspiring story of how a church with only 200 parking spaces at its location has become an aggressive multiplication center
  • Examples of how God provided resources for the planting of multiple churches and eventually a church planting network
  • Jeff Leake’s journey from pastor of a local church to missionary to the Northeast and pastor of planters
  • The tensions and fears keeping pastors from stepping out and leading multiplication.
  • Seven primary tensions Leake and Allison Park faced as they continued to reproduce
  • How Leake has died to any effort to control the church he leads
  • A thorough comparison between multi-church and multisite, including pros and cons of each
  • A study of the function and role of the apostle and his/her role in planting and multiplying
  • 10 insightful lessons Leake and Alison Parke have learned over 18 years of planting and multiplying churches
Jeff Leake
Jeff Leake is lead pastor of Allison Park Church, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. During Jeff’s 21 years as lead pastor, many organizations have been founded. Reach Northeast is a church planting network designed to facilitate new churches throughout the northeast United States. The Network of Hope is a non-profit organization designed to work through local churches to bring lasting change through very practical forms of community ministry. The Northeast Ministry School was established to train church planters, missionaries and members of church planting teams. Jeff currently serves as the president of Reach Northeast and the Northeast Ministry School, and he is the vice president of the Network of Hope. Jeff and his wife Melodie have five children. Melodie serves on staff at Allison Park Church as the pastor over women’s ministry. Jeff and Melodie have spoken worldwide at leadership conferences in Sweden, Nicaragua, Tanzania, Rwanda, and India and at many regional leadership events throughout the United States.
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