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Together With Networks

Profiles of Church Planting Networks

Dave Ferguson

Throughout 2020, Exponential is focusing on the critical missing piece we need to start a church-planting movement in the West — and ultimately carry out the Jesus mission. That missing piece is what we’re calling the Great Collaboration — the third “Great” that Jesus commands us to obey in Scripture:

The Great Collaboration is expressed through a variety of church-planting networks. We are convinced that more networks will lead to more churches being planted. Our goal is that no church tries to accomplish the mission alone. There is simply too much at stake.

The best way to help you select and join a network is to take you on a tour of the various network models. Each of these models is unique; each has strengths and weaknesses. The locus of control is different in each one; the interdependence is different. The way participants interact is different. That’s the beauty of having all of these available. But we can say with confidence that all of them have a goal to synergize efforts of leaders and churches for greater kingdom impact. All are designed to make us better together!

Remember that networks are dynamic. Not all fit into just one model. We did the homework with the help of many others and have attempted to classify them based on our collective understanding of their mission and methods. The point here is that networks are always finding new ways to achieve the mission.

As you check out these network models, ask yourself: Which one best fits me and the people I’m leading? Then join one!

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Dave Ferguson

Dave Ferguson is the lead pastor of COMMUNITY, an innovative multisite missional church passionate about “helping people find their way back to God.” COMMUNITY has grown from a few college friends to thousands every weekend meeting at 14 locations throughout Chicagoland and was recognized as one of the most influential churches in America. Dave provides visionary leadership for NewThing whose dream is to be a catalyst for a movement of reproducing churches. He is an award-winning author of books such as The Big Idea, Exponential, On The Verge and the eBooks Discover Your Mission Now and Keeping Score.