How Do Microchurches Emerge?

Genesis 12:2-3, “I will bless you…and you will be a blessing…and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” This passage was a revolutionary moment in history. In a […]

FCP 15 | Rob Wegner, KC Underground

Future Church Podcast Episode 15 KC Underground Rob Wegner

In 2019, about 80 followers of Jesus left the prevailing church structures to be the seeds for a grassroots movement in Kansas City.  They believe God’s people are made for […]

Microchurches Within The KC Underground

Spiritual Family The theme of family weaves throughout the narrative of Scripture. Jesus himself instituted and affirmed the biological family. He called people to be faithful in marriage (Matt. 19:1–9) […]

FCP 14 | Nick Crawford, Common Thread

Future Church Podcast Episode 14 Common Thread Nick Crawford

Common Thread was born out of a desire to rediscover the historical DNA of church as family, church as movement and church as city. While Common Thread is an organization, […]

FCP 13 | Josh Armstrong, Trellis

Future Church Podcast Episode 13 Trellis Network Josh Armstrong

In January of 2021, Trellis began with a hub of apostolic leaders in the greater Knoxville area, which is currently working to mobilize an army of local missionaries in order […]