Next Generation Resource Kit


Next Generation Resource Kit



The Next Generation Resource Kit is designed to help you raise up and disciple the next generation of church leaders. Hear from experts on millennials and college movements in this engaging resource kit.

Topics Include:

  • Why discipleship is the key to reaching every generation
  • Collegiate church planting
  • Engaging millennials

Resources Include:

  • Podcast: Five Tensions Leaders Must Manage to Effectively Engage Millennials by Geoff Surratt
  • Podcast: Discover Why Discipleship Is the Key to Reaching Every Generation by Grant Skeldon
  • eBook: Millennials Calling by Paul Sohn & Derek Bell

Featured Leaders in this Resource Kit

Geoff SurrattGeoff Surratt coaches churches and leaders around the country after serving in executive leadership at Seacoast Church, Saddleback Church and Exponential. Geoff and his wife Sherry just released Together: A Guide for Couples in Ministry. He is also an author of The Multisite Church Revolution, The Multisite Church Roadtrip, and Ten Stupid Things That Keep Churches from Growing.

Grant SkeldonGrant Skeldon – In response to millennials being labeled noncommittal, lazy, entitled, slacktivists, Grant Skeldon started Initiative Network with the goal to unite and train millennials to be Christ-loving, city-changing, church-investing, disciple-making local missionaries.

Initiative has impacted thousands of diverse young leaders from hundreds of churches across Dallas. Grant often travels the world speaking to pastors, parents, and employers on how to better engage millennials. His new book, The Passion Generation, hit the #1 new release in 4 categories on Amazon. Grant is a member at Mercy Street Church in West Dallas, but also a monthly teaching pastor at Gold Creek Community Church in Seattle, Washington. Grant also serves on the Board of Directors for the Catalyst Conference.

Paul SohnPaul Sohn is a leadership coach, best-selling author and speaker. Formerly employed by both a Fortune 50 company and a Top 100 Great Place to Work Company, Paul is the founder of QARA. Paul is a best-selling author of Quarter-Life Calling: Pursuing Your God-Given Purpose in Your Twenties. Paul was named one of the Top 33 under 33 Christian Millennials to Follow by Christianity Today. In 2016, Paul received John C. Maxwell Transformational Leadership Award. Some of Paul’s favorite things include authentic Korean food, tennis, and travelling. Paul currently resides in Orange County.

Nic Burleson is the church planter and lead pastor of Timber Ridge Church in Stephenville, TX. Nic and his wife, Johanna, planted Timber Ridge seven years ago and have been front row witnesses to watching God grow a church from a couple people in a living room to a church with multiple campuses that averages over 1,500 people in weekly attendance. Timber Ridge has also planted two dozen churches in its seven-year history. In addition to leading Timber Ridge, Nic also leads church planting for GlocalNet and coaches church planters and pastors on church growth, collegiate ministry, outreach and multiplication.

Derek BellDerek Bell launched Mosaic Strategy Group in 2005, and was promptly commissioned by Bob Buford with launching The Drucker Institute in Claremont, California (you can read that story in Drucker & Me by Bob Buford).

Since that time, Derek has had the great privilege of working with a myriad of global thought leaders on issues important to the church and society while also serving in leadership positions in two Nashville, Tennessee, area churches.

In addition to leading the Mosaic Strategy Group, Derek currently serves as the executive director of Made for More, a daughter ministry of Exponential, as well as The Buford Library. Both organizations are working to transform the latent energy in Christ followers into active energy. Derek is passionate about helping every disciple of Christ discover, engage and walk in the unique calling God has for them.

Jayson John

Jayson John is the lead pastor of New Life Bible Church in Norman Oklahoma. Jayson formerly worked with RSI Stewardship and has experience in college and next generation ministry.

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